Activision eyeing to reduce Call of Duty: Mobile Game Size

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Call of Duty: Mobile game size

Call of Duty: Mobile might soon see a more compact version of the game as Activision is planning to reduce the game’s size across devices

Activision has kept Call of Duty: Mobile players quite happy over the past few years of its launch. There have been constant updates to the game in the form of new modes, maps, weapons, soldiers, skins and more.

Call of Duty: Mobile has size issues

While the aforementioned upgrades have kept players positively engaged, it has also sequentially increased the size of the game.

Currently, Call of Duty: Mobile occupies over 5.5GB space on both iOS and Android devices with all feature packages and downloaded maps.

The developers seem to be well aware of this issue among gamers. Fans of the game have repeatedly asked Activision whether it plans to make CoD: Mobile more compact.

In response, the developer said that it has been proactively looking into ways to reduce this number.

Bite-sized quality content

The company added that it was exploring ways to reduce the game size without compromising on new content. They haven’t however revealed details of how they planned to achieve this end.

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“We are constantly aware of the size of the game in general. Our team is trying to find ways to reduce it,” Activision mentioned in a reply to a query.

“That’s the main reason we have added the option with each major update, to only download certain pieces of content in order to save space,” they added.

Size Options for Call of Duty: Mobile players

Not long ago, Activision provided a remedial option to players. Through this, they could choose to download only specific maps and in-game resources per their preference.

By using this, Call of Duty: Mobile players could download the maps of their choice and restrict the overall game size.

What players have mentioned though is that the best gaming experience comes fully-loaded. In order to compete in the wide cadence of maps and modes that the game offers, a player must download all the resources.

Nonetheless, it will surely be good news for players as Activision is diligently looking for ways to reduce the game size. A welcome change for them witnessing an increase with every season.

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