Activision Revamps CoD Mobile in Season 2 Day of Reckoning Update

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CoD Mobile in Season 2 Day of Reckoning

The Season 2 Day of Reckoning Update for CoD Mobile is here and Activision has carried out some cool changes to the game, while ironing out old issues

Activision has gone ahead and carried a few changes and modifications to CoD Mobile. These were on account of Season 2 Day of Reckoning update being introduced. The developer carried out bug fixes and weapon balancing mods in this update.

Fans would also get to see changes made to Hardpoint spawn and the infamous Predator Skin glitch being fixed.

Season 2 Day of Reckoning Update

Over the past few weeks, CoD Mobile players discussed weapon balancing a lot. It had became a key topic of discussion. Activision was quick to note this and have carried out a few changes to address the issue. Also, its internal teams are planning similar options in future updates.

The CoD Mobile developers further mentioned that it was heartening to see players reacting positively to the latest changes. Earlier, gamers were not quite fond of the initial changes to Hardpoint spawning. Activision promised to tap discussions regularly and address recurring concerns at the earliest.

Players have constantly complained about recurring issues with screen shakes and multiple recoil changes. The developer said that they are trying to figure out if these glitches were caused due to a bug or it was a feedback.

Vesting confidence in its team, Activision said that it was hopeful that teams would be better equipped to decipher and address the mixed sentiment about the same in its Day of Reckoning Update.

Taking a positive step towards account restoration, Activision has advised players to opt for two-factor authentication wherever possible. The developer recommended reaching out for support on Facebook or ATVI Support for CoD accounts, etc. for accounts that have been already compromised,

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Activision takes on bug menace

Answering fans about chronic bug issues, Activision said that it has already taken care of many bugs facing the game. The Day of Reckoning Update takes this a notch ahead.

Activision addressed the most prominent Phantom Skin glitch. Players with skins did not render in the game due to this anomaly. It meant that players with the skin remained invisible to other gamers.

The devs have identified all the bugs and have listed them for gamers in the Day of Reckoning Update. However, Activision has not included a few issues which have been long in the tooth such black screen problems of desync.

Activision has divided the list into three sections. This includes bugs that have been fixed, bugs with a fix scheduled to release soon and bugs that are still under investigation.

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