All the details about DJ Alok in Garena Free Fire and How to get it

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DJ Alok Free Fire

DJ Alok is one of the most desired characters in Garena Free Fire and it’s not difficult to fathom why. In this article, we bring you ways and means to unlock this powerful character in Free Fire and also grab him for free!

The world of Free Fire has a vast number of characters, but none of them come close to the popularity of DJ Alok. The most powerful and sought-after character in Garena Free Fire, DJ Alok comes with his cool ability: Drop the Beat.

Who is DJ Alok in Free Fire

A famous Brazilian DJ and musician, DJ Alok come for a price of 599 diamonds in Garena Free Fire. A hefty amount for a character, but his fan-following has increased over the last few years. His original name is Alok Achkar Peres Petrillo and he has emerged as the most powerful OP character in Free Fire since 2019.

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His most famous ability is Drop the Beat. When it reaches the maximum stage, it can replenish 5HP per second for a cumulative period of 10 seconds. It also generates a round of 5 meters, which not only increases health but also its overall speed. It has the ability to increase the teammate’s HP.

What makes DJ Alok special

DJ Alok is not a superstar fan-favorite for nothing! His mystically created five-meter aura increases ally movement, or character movement speed by 15%.

Gamers can level up the character up to six levels. DJ Alok protects a player’s teammates within five meters close to them. This is truly a unique ability, and it provides DJ Alok a definitive edge over other Free Fire characters.

How to get DJ Alok in Free Fire

While there are multiple ways to unlock DJ Alok in Free Fire, we try and bring you the safest bets available to grab the icon. We begin with the standard purchase options:

  • Open Garena Free Fire.
  • Next, click on the ‘Store Option’ link.
  • On the main page, gamers will need to click the ‘Character’ option.
  • This opens your gateway to all free fire characters; Scroll down and find Dj Alok in the list.
  • Now click on the ‘Purchase’ icon.
  • This redirects one to the ‘Purchase Confirmation’ page. Gamers can apply a discount coupon to avail additional discounts on DJ Alok.
  • After applying the discount coupon, click On Purchase; once done, players have access to DJ Alok.
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How to get free DJ Alok in Free Fire

An iconic figure in Free Fire, but 599 diamonds will always be a stratospheric price! However, you do not need to fret, as you can unlock DJ Alok for free in the game. There are legal ways to own the character of DJ Alok.

These are through applying to redeem codes. Free fire DJ Alok redeem codes are the best way to unlock his character at no cost whatsoever.

DJ Alok Free Fire_2

Fans need to click on the Free fire ‘redeem code today’ button and they will get the entire list of the latest free fire to redeem codes. These can then be redeemed on the Redeem page.

Once the code is redeemed, one needs to open Free Fire and click on the Mail option. Once done, click on collect reward and get DJ Alok character for free as a reward.

Free Fire DJ Alok: Google Opinion Rewards

Another useful method to grab DJ Alok in the game is via Google Opinion Rewards. It is an Android application available on the Google play store. Here an interested gamer can answer surveys and get rewarded for various ratings, surveys and forms.

On successfully completing a prescribed task, users stand to receive a Google Play Gift Voucher. They can then redeem the voucher to purchase the character of DJ Alok. This method has become quite famous for players desperate to grab DJ Alok in the game.

Other methods to get DJ Alok

An easy way to get his character for free in Free Fire is via the AirDrop method. Fans of Free Fire will recall that the game occasionally offers Air Drops to a few players.

Inside the dropbox gamers stand to win DJ Alok Character. Also on offer are a few special skin types, free diamonds, emotes, and guns, along with many more surprise rewards. Some players need to pay an upfront amount of Rs 10. This acts as a top-up balance for gamers to claim the AirDrop package.

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