Apex Legends Evo Shield changes in the pipeline: Respawn Entertainment

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Evo Shield Apex Legends

Apex Legends’ developers might be looking at carrying out changes to the Evo Shields by implementing balance changes in the future

A recent announcement from an Apex Legends balance developer has suggested there could be changes coming to Evo Shields in a future update. This could present new opportunities for gamers in terms of possibilities.

Evo Shield mods in Apex Legends

Evo Shield was introduced back in March of 2020 and later made the default armour for every player. These Evo Shields have become a fundamental aspect of Apex’s gameplay. As the armour is upgraded based on how much damage a gamer has dealt, it encourages players to take more gunfights to reach the next shield tier.

Despite this, fans have debated the addition and balance of Evo Shields since their release. Some players have preferred the game’s previous armour system. Now, after the release of Starter Kits in Season 9, there could be even more Evo Shield balance changes on the way.

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Apex Legends dev hints at Evo Shield changes

When it comes to in-game changes in Apex Legends, it’s not uncommon to see Respawn developers asking the community for their opinion on the matter. A Respawn balance developer has asked players whether they think Evo Shields need any balance changes.

The dev raises a number of potential issues. These include too many red shields at endgame and the amount of damage needed to reach each new tier. They also want to know whether Evo Shields feel balanced in ranked.

Respawn seems to be clear about what changes they think need to be made. All they need now is a nod from the community. The announcement met with a positive response. This means Evo Shields are in a good spot at the moment and don’t need to receive any changes.

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