Battleground Mobile India eSports Tournament Schedule Released

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Battleground Mobile India aka BGMI has announced the schedule of its maiden eSports tournament. The major attraction of the tournament would be its 1 crore price pool. To ensure the successful launch of the biggest BGMI tournament in India, the Vivo-sub brand iQOO has partnered with Krafton. The iQOO is the official sponsor of the gaming event.

There will be over 100,000 registered teams who will participate and fight for a total prize pool of Rs 1 crore. Though the full schedule of the series is yet to be announced by the organizers, the series will Livestream iQOO Esports YouTube gaming channel.

Battleground Mobile India eSports Tournament Schedule:

Here is how the tournament will progress further.

In-Game Qualifiers:

In-game qualifiers will be held in the very beginning. Here players registered with their team for the tournament will play 15 matches over the given period. Out of all the teams registered, 1024 teams will qualify for the next round.

Online Qualifier Round 1:

The 1024 teams that qualify for this round will be divided into 64 groups and each group will have to play 2 matches on specific dates. Out of all the teams that participate in this round, the top 8 teams from each group will qualify for the next round.

Online Qualifier Round 2:

The top 512 teams that enter round 2 will be divided into 32 groups. Each group will again play 2 matches each. Now the 7 top-performing teams from each group will move to Round 3.

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Online Qualifier Round 3:

In this round, the selected 224 teams and 32 invited teams will be divided into 16 groups where each group to play 2 matches each. The top four teams will qualify for Quarter Finals.


The top 64 teams that make it to the quarter-finals will be divided into 4 groups. Each group will play 6 matches each. The top 4 teams that emerge as the winner from each group will qualify for the Semi-Finals.

Loser Bracket:

The remaining 48 teams will be divided into 3 groups. Each group will play 6 matches each. The top 2 teams from each group alongside the 2 teams with the maximum number of finishes will head to the semi-finals.


The Semi-Finals contains 16 teams from Quarter Finals and 8 teams from Loser Bracket. They will be divided into 3 groups and compete against each other in a round-robin format. From here, the top 16 teams with the highest points will qualify for Grand Finals.

Battleground Mobile India eSports Tournament: Finals

The top 16 semi-finalists will play 20 matches in 4 days. The team that achieves the highest cumulative score in 20 matches will be the winner of the India Series 2021.

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