Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War season 2 Battle Pass Details revealed

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CoD Black Ops_Season 2 battle pass

Call of Duty (CoD): Black Ops Cold War Season 2 Battle Pass comes with two free weapons, new Operator Naga and the first Reactive Weapon Blueprint

Call of Duty (CoD): Black Ops Cold War players can expect a lot of new content in the Season 2 battle pass, including multiple operators, weapons, and weapon blueprints coming later this week.

CoD Season 2 Battle Pass details

The new season will introduce players to multiple new maps for various game modes. Also awaiting them would be the much-anticipated Zombies Outbreak experience.

The developer has shared a lot of details regarding the cosmetic changes being carried out in CoD Season 2. Gamers stand a chance to unlock the Ranger Elite, Samurai’s Creed and Dragon Idol legendary weapon blueprints.

What’s new in CoD Season 2

CoD fans get the option to activate the vintage Black Ops II theme song, which will be added to the game’s music player in Season 2. The game recently added two popular Black Ops II maps.

Treyarch has further promised to add content from the popular title at regular intervals.

The 100-tier battle pass will also include various weapon charms, stickers, and other cosmetics to customize the Cold War experience. Fans can unlock the new battle pass when season two begins on February 25.

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New tunes on offer

  • Black Ops II Mixtape (Tier 44)
  • Rock Pack II & Pop Pack at Tiers 72 & 94

The game gets a new former warlord operator, all the way from Laos referred to as Naga. Unlocking him would also fetch players the Viper Operator skin combat uniform.

As CoD players complete Naga’s Operator Missions, they stand a chance to receive XP rewards, cosmetic items for their profile. Also up for grabs are four additional skins: ‘Cobalt’, ‘Ashen Scale,’ ‘Crimson Code’ and Rattlesnake.

Each legendary skin in CoD is inspired by another deadly snake that the developer claims to be as lethal as this ruthless Operator. Players can purchase the Season 2 Battle Pass and avail a 10% increase in all XP earned during the season.

New weapons in the Battle Pass

  • FARA 83 Assault Rifle (Tier 15)
  • LC10 SMG (Tier 31)

New Battle Pass skins

  • Renegade Adler Skin (Tier 20)
  • Coyote Dust Powers Skin (Tier 70)
  • Tactical Roll Finishing Move (Tier 19)

New Weapon Blueprints

  • Glade Ripper LMG Blueprint (FREE Tier 21)
  • First Mate SMG Blueprint (Tier 27)
  • Dragon Idol SMG (Free Tier 55)

Tier 100 rewards in Season 2

  • Warlord Naga Skin & Operator Mission
  • Poison Dart Legendary SMG Blueprint

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