Call of Duty League 2021 season kicks off from Feb 11

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Call of Duty League 2021 season

The COD League for 2021 starts on February 11 and will see a $500,000 prize money for the Major rounds and $2.5 million will be at stake for the playoffs

The Call of Duty League has announced the prize pool for the 2021 season and the CDL points breakdown for Home Series and for Major tournament winners. A $500,000 prize money will be at stake at each Major round and a $2.5 million reward awaits winners in the playoffs.

League breakup

The 2021 season will feature five stages where teams will play in group-play matches over a period of three weeks. The first groups will be determined during the Kickoff Classic event this weekend before OpTic Chicago and the L.A. Thieves battle it out.

The 2020 CDL champion, the Dallas Empire, will make the first pick for the teams in Group B. The 2020 runners-up, the Atlanta FaZe, are the first team in Group B and will be the first to select the squad to compete in Group A alongside the Dallas Empire.

These selected teams will make the second choice for each group and the process will continue until each pool gets six teams. The top two teams in the Stage One Major will have the first two picks in the stage two group selection shows.

Stacking up the points

Each team’s performance determines its position in the Major tournament at the end of each stage by earning CDL points for each Home Series win. Each Home Series win grants 10 CDL points and more CDL points are awarded for Major wins. All 12 teams will compete every week of the season and each franchise will contend in a double-elimination format at each Major.

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The Call of Duty League’s 2021 season officially kicks off on February 11 with the Atlanta FaZe hosting the first Home Series weekend. The Kickoff Classic this weekend will provide further information to all fans about the upcoming season. They can learn about the groups for stage one and enjoy fan-voted matchups between teams.

CDL Points distribution for Majors:

  • First place: 75 CDL Points
  • Second place: 60 CDL Points
  • Third place: 50 CDL Points
  • Fourth place: 40 CDL Points
  • Fifth/sixth place: 30 CDL Points per team
  • Seventh/eighth place: 20 CDL Points per team
  • Ninth/10th place: 10 CDL Points per team
  • 11th/12th place: Zero CDL Points per team

Each Major will have a $500,000 prize pool and the playoffs will feature a $2.5 million bounty. Below is the breakdown of the prize pool for Majors and the playoffs:


  • First place: $200,000
  • Second place: $120,000
  • Third place: $80,000
  • Fourth place: $40,000
  • Fifth/sixth place: $20,000 per team
  • Seventh/eighth place: $10,000 per team
  • Ninth/10th/11th/12th: NA


  • League champion: $1,200,000
  • Second place: $650,000
  • Third place: $300,000
  • Fourth place: $150,000
  • Fifth/sixth place: $75,000 per team
  • Seventh/eighth place: $25,000 per team

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