Call of Duty Mobile season 14 to get new modes, skills and weapons

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COD Mobile Season 14 leaks

The new COD Mobile season to see Attack of the Undead mode resurface, while players will also get new guns and an upgraded Operator Skill

The next season of Call of Duty: Mobile is scheduled to arrive soon and its beta testing build launch has thrown in a few leaks of the new additions. Some of these leaks are expected to find their way to the upcoming season 14 of COD Mobile.

The developers shared a few changes in their testing phase owing to the release of a beta application for select customers before the global version is released. The changes might include a few community updates along with two new modes, multiple seasonal events, new bundles and a couple of new guns.

Attack of the Undead mode

The well-known ‘Attack of the Undead’ game mode has been brought back along with a season update. For those not aware, this mode has 20 players landing on a map where one player turns to the ‘Undead’ side at will. This zombie-spec player has access to a first kill weapon after using which, only melee attacks work.

Each kill will turn a player to the undead side and others have to kill the formers to remain alive. If one manages to survive till the clock timer runs out, they win the round. Similar to the zombie modes found in many other games, COD Mobile is adding it back to the first seasonal update of 2021.

3V3 Gunfight mode

The new season will get a special variant of the updated Gunfight mode. The standard 2v2 Gunfight will now be played in a 3v3 mode where three players will face their opponents in a head-on arms battle. According to the leaks, there are a total of six rounds in this mode and each round will have its own designated weapon. The team winning all four rounds ultimately wins the mode.

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New guns

Two new guns will be added to the game with the next update. These guns are SKS and FR 5.56. While fans expected new LMGs to be added to the game, an assault rifle is stipulated to be part of the arsenal alongside a DMR. The statistics of these guns will be revealed in the seasonal update and some seasonal events might provide these weapons for free as well.

New bundles

The leaks have also uncovered several new outfit and weapon skins that might be added to the game in the upcoming update.

Operator Skill: Gravity Vortex

If some leaks are to be believed, a new operator skill will be added this season. This skill will be named Gravity Vortex and will be a ballistic launcher. When this weapon is used on a target, the nearby enemies are drawn towards that specific point and get killed.

COD Mobile has clarified that this new season will be called ‘Season One’ of this New Year and hence, it will not follow the ‘Season XX’ series from last year.

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