Call Of Duty: Mobile’s On The Brink feature event starts this week

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Call of Duty is all set to host the 13th Season for the COD: Mobile on the Brink feature, which will have multiplayer and battle royale themes.

Call of Duty: Mobile’s On The Brink feature event for season 13 is expected to start sometime later this week. Details of the event are not yet known, but Activision has hinted towards a few things players can expect in the new mode via an official statement.

Event details

As per the information available, the event is stipulated to have an overarching espionage theme with players tasked with activating and deploying sleeper agents to infiltrate various city centres. Players can activate new spies by playing Multiplayer and Battle Royale. On their way, they can unlock weapon sets that provide a recruitment bonus. Once the job is done they can earn new Epic items, along with a wide range of other rare and uncommon weapons and items.

Activision has not disclosed much about this upcoming event, but going by the looks of the thumbnail for the event on Call of Duty: Mobile’s ‘Event’s menu signifies that players might be looking at unlocking a new Epic Weapon blueprint for the Outlaw sniper rifle.

A successful last season

Last season’s feature event was called Knights Divided, where players had to choose between the Red Team and the Blue Team. Each day different tasks were allotted and completing these tasks successfully meant that the team earned points. The event met with a positive response from gamers.

At the end of each day the team which garnered the most points won territory and the team with the most territories was awarded a special item. The accumulated points also gave players the chance to earn certain team-specific items. However, to ensure an unbiased flow of events, the item basket on offer for each team was the same, except for a colour difference.

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