Celebrate Pride Month in Style with Valorant Pride Cards Releasing Soon

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Valorant Pride Cards

We bring you all the details about the Valorant Pride Cards that will be released soon by the Riot Games in Pride month

To celebrate Pride month in style, Riot Games will add some quirky Pride-themed cosmetics to Valorant. Back in March, it was revealed through a series of leaks that Riot Games is planning to include some peculiar Pride-themed cosmetics to Valorant to celebrate Pride month in June.

Valorant Pride Cards set to arrive

Players of the Valorant game are set to expect the latest rainbow-style cards to enter the game just like the developer’s MMO giant League of Legends that releases LGBTQI+-themed poro icons every year.

Players who want to know everything about the Valorant Pride Cards to show off their Pride in-game will find the information right here.

Look of the Valorant Pride Cards

The Valorant Pride Cards are a fine mix of the LGBTQI+ community’s rainbow colours blended with the dark, futuristic aesthetic of the game.

Individual Cards for Different Sexuality

The game will see seven more cards and the Riot Games has made an iconic rainbow flag design encompassing all LGBTQI+ people. There will be also individual cards for each different sexuality such as:

  • Transgender People – Blue, pink, white card
  • Pansexual People – Pink, yellow, blue card
  • Non-Binary People – Yellow, white, purple, black card
  • Bisexual People – Pink, purple, blue card
  • Asexual People – Purple, white, grey, black card
  • Gay Women – Red, orange, white, pink, purple card
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How to obtain Valorant Pride Cards

Riot has advised players to keep checking on the title’s official website throughout June to get updates on the way to obtain the cards.

Players can adopt this collecting process that might work. League of Legends every year experiences the return of the Pride ‘Fluft’ icons. These can be purchased for 1 Blue Essence available in the store. This is the in-game currency of the title that means they are basically free.

However, only time will tell that the collecting process will work or not. Since Valorant also has the store, this process may be transferred across by the Riot.

Release Date

There is no specific release date for the cards. However, Riot has advised fans to keep checking the website for the official announcement.

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