COD Mobile Brings New Game Mode Control: Details Inside

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There is good news coming –in for COD lovers. If reports are to be believed COD Mobile Season 10 is coming up with a slew of new features to make the season more enthralling. The developers of the game have introduced a new multiplayer mode in a tiny mid-week update.

COD Mobile Introduces New Game Mode Control

The new mode will be called ‘Control’. If you’re a true fan of the ‘Call of Duty franchise, you can easily recognize the mode. This new feature will be available

The new feature is available in the featured playlist in multiplayer mode. In addition to that, players can unlock several exciting rewards by playing the brand new mode. The USP of the Control mode is its dedicated playlist. Moreover, gamers can view all the maps this mode can be played on.

Talking about the maps, Crash is the most recurring map of the new game mode as of now.  It’s also expected that Control can be a crucial part of the Clan War mission soon.

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How to play Control in COD Mobile Season 10?

If we see it from a gamer’s perspective, Control is a mixture of the Domination and Headquarters multiplayer game modes.  The mode comprises two main hills: A and B. Both the teams will fight to dominate the hills. One team has to defend the hills from the intruder team while the other will intensify its efforts to capture it.

Let’s start with the capture process. This is a time taking process where to capture the hills players have to go through three partial captures. Only after completing three consecutive partial captures, capture is completed. A match concludes when a team successfully captures both the A and B hills.

Matches come to an end if all players from a team are dead. The mode gives every player three re-spawns and players in a team share lives. As soon as a player is dead, the team loses a life.

If a hill is captured, the defending team can re-capture it. To win the match first team to secure two rounds of wins.

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