CoD Warzone Players want Cold War Weapons Removed from the Game

7 Apr, 2021 Gaming 101 0 Comment
Cold War weapons removed Warzone

CoD Warzone players want the Black Ops Cold War weapons removed from the game, as they are negating the effectiveness of Warzone weapons

It seems CoD Warzone players are not happy with Black Ops Cold War weapons being introduced in the game. Many of them want Raven Software to remove all Cold War weapons from the game.

Remove Cold War Weapons from Warzone

Gamers have been facing issues with these weapons, which the developers had introduced in Warzone in December last year.

For starters, the highly powerful DMR spoiled the gameplay for many players. This resulted in Cold War’s weapon attachments not functioning efficiently, rendering all weapons ineffective.

The standard weapons in Warzone seemed redundant, as many Cold War ammunitions gained unprecedented power. This was a result of Raven Software buffing up the Agency Suppressor in an update.

Players were hopeful that the Warzone’s Season 2 Reloaded update would balance the overpowered weapons. However, the AUG, FFAR and M16 are still by far the most powerful weapons in the game at the moment.

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Players ask for Cold War guns removal

This has prompted many players to vote in a Reddit poll about whether the Cold War guns should stay or be removed entirely from Warzone. The outcome of the poll seems quite unanimous.

The poll surveyed around 800 CoD Warzone players and more than 600 of them answered in the affirmative. That is a whopping 75% of total respondents wanting Cold War weapons out of Warzone.

This clearly shows that Warzone players are not happy with the much quicker TTK now operational in Warzone. Raven Software had initiated this weapon crossover to lend certain parity to both the famous CoD titles.

With the current outcry, Raven might make some changes to some Cold War weapons in its forthcoming update. Such a move will surely go down well with Warzone players for a long time.

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