CoD Warzone's latest update brings Stability Fixes, improves Gameplay

25 May, 2021 Gaming 79 0 Comment
CoD Warzone issue

The latest quick update from Treyarch in CoD Warzone includes new stability improvements and issue redressals for players

The latest quick update from Treyarch in CoD Warzone includes new stability improvements, and an update for Standoff Hardpoint. Also, the Pack-a-Punched Ray Gun’s original ammo count makes its return in Zombies and more.

CoD Warzone update

The developers have capped the damage for the Chopper Gunner against the Orda in Outbreak. This is to make sure it doesn’t go down without a fight. This Thursday, the ‘80s Action Heroes event continues with the all-new Rambo’s Gun Game limited-time mode.

The Snipers Only Moshpit and Standoff 24/7 events will also be going live for gamers. Interested players can get more details on what’s coming at the Weekly Briefing blog.

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Stability & Gameplay changes in Warzone



  • Addressed an issue where CoD Warzone players would sometimes crash or lose functionality if they attempted to equip a Custom Mod. This happened in the Create-a-Class menu during a match.

CoD Multiplayer


  • Standoff: Addressed an issue that allowed players to capture the #3 Hardpoint zone outside of the intended boundary.


  • Addressed an issue that caused a black fade to play on respawn after spectating a teammate.
  • Addressed an issue where placeholder white boxes would show in place of the Weapon Mastery badges in the “Killed By” feed during Best Play.

Zombies in Warzone


  • Ray Gun: Restored Pack-a-Punched Ray Gun ammo count to 40/160.


  • Addressed an issue where the Custom Mod menu would sometimes show up blank after Pack-a-Punching a weapon.


  • Reduced the amount of damage inflicted by the Chopper Gunner against the Orda.

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