Cross Platform Push Begins

22 Nov, 2019 457 0 Comment

The most awaited Cross Platform gaming has recently been brought to the light by Microsoft’s recent announcement about Xbox supporting cross network play with other systems like PS4 and PC.
This will mark a huge shift in player engagement due to a higher number of simultaneously available players to play with and against.

Major pros for Cross-Platform gaming:

  • More engagement with a higher number of players
  • Increase in overall skill experience
  • New event designs comprising of all Platforms

Rocket League is one of the first major game which will be supporting cross-platform gaming. This marks a great precedent for other console providers to enable friendly cross gaming with other platforms.
Though the talk might be on fire the real implementation for various games will have to go a long way. With cross-platform come the great risk of compatibility and also network security.

We hope to see how Sony will be going forward with their implementations in PS4, enhancing the player experience through various platforms.

Tarun Gupta

POSTS BY Tarun Gupta

Tarun is the Founder of Ultimate Battle. He has been an avid tech guy with over 20 years of experience in the IT industry. He launched Ultimate Battle to cater to the competitive gaming needs of Indian gaming enthusiasts. He keeps a close watch on the business of online gaming and upcoming trends in the Esports industry. As an esports fanatic, he loves to play FIFA and Chess in his free time.

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