CS:GO's latest patch notes brings several changes to UI, SDK, Maps

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CS:GO patch note

Valve has introduced the latest patch notes for CS:GO and it makes several changes to the game’s UI, SDK and maps, particularly Pitstop

Valve has introduced the latest patch notes for CS:GO and it makes several changes to the game’s UI, SDK and maps, particularly Pitstop. The CS:GO developer has applied several changes to Pitstop, one of CS:GO’s newer community wingman maps, in this update.

CS:GO patch note updates

The patch does not incorporate any major changes to gameplay. Instead, it has improved optimization and the graphics for Pitstop. Also, it has removed the cubby position underneath the dropdown.

Gamers have heard of rumours that the game added some new and updated translations for a bunch of languages. These include Chinese, Swedish, Turkish, Ukrainian, and more. Valve however, has not made any official announcement in this regard.

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Full CS:GO patch notes

UI changes in patch update

  • Fixed live match links in the event panel.


  • Updated AI Behaviour Trees
  • Added a new “action_secondary_attack” node.
  • Added new “action_reload” and “condition_is_reloading” nodes.
  • Ammo counts for all weapons are available on the Blackboard via “AmmoCount/weapon_name” key, with “AmmoCount/current” holding the ammo count for the currently equipped weapon. These can be read using nodes such as “condition_is_less”, “condition_is_equal”, etc.



  • Map-wide graphical update with new textures and models.
  • Improved optimization.
  • Removed cubby under drop-down.
  • Lighting and clipping adjustments.

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