DOTA 2: Follow Experts suggestions for viewing The International 2019

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The Online Gaming Platform has evolved and is the perfect stage to showcase the talent of the players in a particular Virtual Game. Just like any other sport, even in this players have sweated out a lot – in terms of hours, days and years. Every year on giant scale tournaments are being held and showcasing most thrilling E-Sports being played with finesse. This event being organized is undoubtedly the most challenging and thrilling of the highest order. Having said this, one will have to admit that knowledge about witnessing the event is still not known to many people.

The reader of this article shouldn’t worry at all because in this write-up all doubts will be clarified.


The interested person can watch it on a quality streamline platform “Twitch”. One can also watch “The International Stream” from inside the DOTA 2 game without any difficulty. If the viewer is looking for “Streams” in different languages, then streams on Twitch and DOTA 2 have got you covered. Over here the person will also get information about the game, experience graphs, etc.


One totally understands and sees clearly the happiness of getting a quality form of exposure. There is no denying that the concerned person will not be attracted to it. As the mouthwatering form of deal in the form of “prize Money” makes sure that interest of the viewer is not getting erased or shut down. In a nutshell, this is very lucrative and so on being informed the viewer just gets glued to the screen.

The first-timers do not have to get panic-stricken and watch Dota 2 like Rugby or American Football. There is a lot of intrinsic and unexplainable form of things being felt during the course of the game. The game designers have been quite disciplined, accurate, and future-oriented in preparing the game. It meant that at every stage, the primary attempt was to make sure that a beginner is having a rich and wonderful experience.

I must tell about the coming of the “Newcomer Stream” will make its comeback on the International Circuit. So, even if you are just a beginner, then supporting a form of tool kits will be provided to the person. It will be helping the viewer and make sure that the crystals clear form of understanding and the strategies involved in it is also grasped by the first timer.

Note – As an expert, the suggestion would be to, first of all, make sure those tutorial sessions are completely put under a thought process and then move ahead.


For the better understanding of the reader, a list of few tournaments, date, location, prize money, etc will be shared. This will make the user understand completely and will be able to prepare to not just compete but also perform well.

The International 2019 Aug 15-25 (2019) Shanghai(China) 14,505,000 USD*
Epiecenter Major June 22-30 (2019) Moscow (Russia) 1,000,000 USD

Now, before going further I would be keen that the reader also knows a bit about above-mentioned tournaments.


It is the ninth version of the tournament being organized and working on the culmination part of the Dota Pro Circuit. It will be held on the land of an Asian country (China). The participants should know that it is a point based system. The demarcation of, Major and Minor will be carried out. So based on the point system the invitees would be clubbed accordingly.

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  • In it, 12 teams will qualify through Dota Pro Circuit structure.
  • 6 teams will get qualified through Regional Qualifiers. One team each from China, Southeast Asia, North America, South America, and Europe will be part of it.

Group Stage

It will begin from August 15 till 18 (2019).

Main Event

  • This will take place from August 15 till 20 (2019)
  • The stating prize money for this tournament has currently reached 14,505,000 USD, which is surely going to create a new milestone by breaking TI ‘18 prize pool record of 25.5 Million USD.


Epicenter Major is going to be the last Major of DOTA 2 Pro Circuit 2018-2019. This tournament is being organized in Russia and is the fourth installment of Epicenter. The event will start from June 22 with the Finale being held on 30’th June. The prestigious award will be challenged by 16 teams that will be battling for the last chance to earn DPC points. Once this is achieved, then the only qualification for The International will be achieved. The final playoffs of Epicenter will be again held at the CSKA Arena, formerly known as the VTB Ice Palace.



  • 14 Teams are part of this and have been winners of six regional qualifiers.
  • Two teams each from CIS, Southeast Asia, North and South America.
  • Three teams are selected from Europe and China.
  • Two teams qualify as the winner and runners-up are from StarLadder ImbaTV Minor S2.

Group Stage

This is being played from June 22 to 23’rd


  • In this threat of double elimination is possible.
  • The last leg of the coveted tournament is held in front of a live audience in the CSKA Arena.


Having knowledge about Dota 2 will be valuable but there will also be times when you get confused by how the professional players are doing things in the game. Even if you are having sound knowledge about the game, that will not cement your chances of understanding everything in the game. There will be dives or odd item choices, which, will be explained by an Analyst in the stream, and even then, analysts can also hit a ceiling of knowledge.

In the end, I would love to see my reader’s not just gaining knowledge but also enjoy the procedure of the game. There is no reason to allow stress or anxieties prevail or linger on your head. Mostly, it is understood by me that fans do have this wrong notion of having 360 degrees of knowledge of the game. Well, this is a misconception and is needed to be erased off.

One will not deny from the fact that knowing about the Dota 2 will certainly be of great help. Having said this, the participant will not be able to execute the action by just going through the tutorial sessions. As it is rightly said, that actual game is the base that would prepare you.

So, sit back, relax and just enjoy participating in the gaming event and watch the event streams. During the course, one is definitely going to learn a lot.

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