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Calibrate to the new Seasonal Ranking Tiers

No excuses for your low matchmaking rank. Show your metal and grow your game-play.

After long shouts from communities worldwide over the MMR number system and need for further better calibration, DOTA 2 has now introduced the all new Seasonal Ranking Tiers which went live in India on 23rd Nov.

The little peek to the community at the start of patch 7.07 gave the community a big hype and everyone was eager to partake and try out the new system. Now the numbers are gone and we are welcomed with new calibration option in the Ranked Match Panel. The Seasonal Tiers are now Medal and Stars system which had already been implemented in games like Overwatch, CS: GO and few others. The new calibration has begun and the old notorious saying; “MMR is just a number” has seen it’s end.

Latest tweet by EG.Sumail shows how the new calibration is going on for top tier players.

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5_star_sumail EG.Sumail’s calibration has ended on the highest note of 5-star Divine. And according to new system, Seasonal Rank Medal never decreases in rank once you’ve achieved it.

We’ll be posting soon on the ups and downs of the new calibration medal ranking system. Till then, take a read at few personal quick side notes to help a little bit while calibrating:

  • If you’ve not yet started, then better let the dust settle for few days and then go for calibration(every cancer player will be calibrating and mostly everyone will be playing solo game of stats over win which may ruin your game. I saw 3k players in calibrating matches with and against above 5k and 6k players). Unless you’re that heavy stat YOLO player. :kappa:
  • Play your best heroes and utilize the best out of everything on the map.
    Carries that can get online early should not just sit and farm when you see the opportunity. If your lane is shut-out, find space and farm; not whine. Concentrate on LH/GPM/XPM/KDA/TD/HD.
    Supports should be ready to teleport anywhere and provide assistance where it’s needed the most. Don’t fret over spending gold on warding and other support items. Use smoke only when necessary and gank to kill not get your allies die. :monaks:
  • Mute any flamer the moment you see them and play with a cool mind. Coordinated team is required to win a game, not to calibrate.
  • It does not matter what you play, what matters is how you play the hero and the role.
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