Epic Games launches The Flash skin, unveils the Flash Cup in Fortnite

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Fortnite gets Flash Skin & Flash Cup

Epic Games will add DC’s Flash character to Fortnite’s Item Shop and will also be hosting the Flash Cup duos event starting February 10

In a bid to put all the action in ‘fast lane’, Epic Games will be introducing the Flash skin to Fortnite from February 13 and will be organizing the Flash Cup featuring the Arrowverse version of the superhero’s alter-ego Barry Allen.

Flash comes to Fortnite in 2021

The Flash is all set to add a dash of the DC Multiverse to Fortnite. Players will have access to the Flash outfit along with the entire Flash skin set from the 13th of this month. The Flash Set includes the following:

  • The Flash Outfit
  • The Speed Force Slashers Pickaxe
  • The Speed Force Back Bling
  • The Quick Bite Emote

Gamers can make in-game purchases for these items, which will be available individually or as part of The Flash Bundle. This bundle also includes a Flash-themed loading screen.

Fortnite to host The Flash Cup

Epic Games is commemorating the entry of The Flash in Fortnite with The Flash Cup starting 10th of this month. Essentially a duos tournament, players will have a 3-hour window to complete 10 matches.

The best-performing Duos in each region will be eligible to unlock the Flash Outfit and the Speed Force Back Bling before they hit the Item Shop.

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Specific timing for each region can be found in the Compete tab in-game. Players must have an account level at 30 or above and have 2FA enabled on their account.

Event format

For each match in The Flash Cup, all eligible players in a Duos team must rank in the Open League Division I, II, or III or higher within Arena in their respective region at the beginning. Only then will they be eligible to queue up and compete during the session window as listed in-game.

As mentioned earlier, a team gets a 3-hour window to play max 10 matches. Teams will earn points based on Epic Games’ scoring system as applicable. Matches for the event will count only if the match begins before the event window closes.

As the event concludes, the top point earning teams as per their ranking on the in-game leaderboard from each region will be awarded prizes.

Region wise breakup

According to their region, teams will be eligible to earn a Flash skin and back bling if they rank within a certain predetermined range. The placement requirements are as follows:

  • Europe: 1st – 3,500th
  • NA East: 1st – 1,750th
  • NA West: 1st – 500th
  • Brazil: 1st – 500th
  • Asia: 1st – 250th
  • Oceania: 1st – 250th
  • Middle East: 1st – 250th

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