Epic Games to add NBA skins to Fortnite Item Shop this week

21 May, 2021 Gaming 118 0 Comment
NBA skins Fortnite

Epic Games is introducing NBA skins to Fortnite’s Item shop ahead of the 2021 league playoffs, in one of the biggest crossovers of the game

Epic Games is introducing NBA content to Fortnite ahead of the 2021 league playoffs. This will be one of the biggest crossovers Fortnite has ever had.

NBA skins in Fortnite

This will mark the first time the biggest basketball league in the world has joined Fortnite. Starting on May 21 at 7pm, players will be able to wear the uniform of any of the NBA’s 30 teams.

The NBA playoffs will start this week on Saturday, May 22 following the State Farm Play-In Tournament. Fortnite is introducing a five-day competition featuring all 30 NBA teams called Fortnite x NBA Team Battles.

Gamers have to sign up on the official NBA x Fortnite Team Battles page to support their favourite NBA team. They also have a shot at earning in-game rewards and V-Bucks. Interested players can read the official rules for further details.

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NBA guards onboard Fortnite

As for next week, Fortnite has partnered up with two NBA guards: Donovan Mitchel from the Utah Jazz and Trae Young from the Atlanta Hawks. The star players will share what they wear when they play Fortnite. That costume will be available in Locker Bundles.

The NBA x Fortnite content will arrive in Fortnite Creative next week. Players can expect to see a blog update showcasing the NBA Welcome Hub on Tuesday, May 25.

Players will be able to grab the Shoot & Score Pack to get the Hookshot Emote and Mini Hoop Back Bling, which can feature the logo of all 30 NBA teams. When other players have the Mini Hoop Back Bling item equipped, “you’ll be able to call your shot,” according to Epic.

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