Esports in India set to be an Official Sport: Indian Olympic Association

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Esports official sport in India

The Indian Olympic Association has recognized Esports in India as an official sport and has granted legitimacy to the ESFI as the government body for Indian Esports

There’s good news for Esports aficionados in India. The Indian Olympic Association (IOA) has decided to officially recognize Esports in the country!

IOA solemnizes Indian Esports

Esports has finally got the attention of policy makers and will soon have an official governing body for the game. The announcement also grants legitimacy to the Esports Federation of India (ESFI) as the nodal governing body of Esports.

Currently, the IOA has received a formal request for recognition of Esports and the ESFI and its decision is pending. However, the association has promised to positively consider the request in its next meeting.

Esports will be present in the medal events segment Asian Games 2022. The event is scheduled to be held in China in September this year. The announcement comes right on time for Indian Esports to find representation at this mega event.

A formal acknowledgement

The announcement for Esports came from Rajeev Mehta, Secretary-General, IOA as he responded to a question. He stated that for the next Asian games, the IOA will not be involved in the team selection process.

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The IOA spokesperson further added that the association’s responsibility would be to ensure the entry of teams in Asian Games and other such mega-events.

“The Olympic Council of Asia (OCA) has authorized the Asian Esports Federation for it. The AEF has in turn given the responsibility to the ESFI,” he mentioned.

The ESFI said that they do not yet have information about how many titles would be included in the next Asian games.

Parliament takes up Esports in India

While the IOA has surely taken a step in the right direction, the positive turn of events can be attributed to the Indian parliament engaging in constructive discussion on Esports and its various aspects impacting the youth in the country.

Readers will recall that the Minister of State for Youth Affairs and Sports recently took up questions on the growing trend of Esports in India. He also provided much-needed clarity on many issues.

There was assurance to curb illegal gaming and strict actions against betting, which assured gamers of fair play and rewards.

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