Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout arrives soon on Xbox, Nintendo Switch

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Fall Guys on PS5 & Xbox

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout battle royale will arrive on Xbox and Nintendo Switch this summer and is now PS5 compatible

Fall Guys is coming to Xbox, Nintendo Switch this summer. Fans will shortly be able to choose this popular multiplayer game Fall Guys Ultimate Knockout.

Fall Guys launched on August 4 the previous year on PS4 and PC. It is also suitable on PS5. Now, it’s time to expand this to other platforms.

The lovely battle royale is made accessible for Xbox One, and Xbox Series X this summer. This comes with yet news released for Nintendo Switch in the same season this year.

Fall Guys: An Overview

After the surprising revealing news during this week’s Nintendo Direct, Mediatonics’ developers have officially confirmed plans. According to them, they are finally going to bring the game to Xbox.

Although its mobile version has already been launched, it is active only in China. The battle royale game achieved a grand success in its launch month with over 7 million downloads on Steam.

Little wonder then, that in a short period, it has gained huge popularity. This has won the “Best Community Support’ at the prestigious Games Awards 2020.

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It has become one of the most downloaded PlayStation Plus titles. This game has many players that compete to become the last one to stand in the series of mini-games.

Additional details

Players will be able to do racing via an obstacle in one minute whereas they need to try balancing on the spinning platforms in the next minute. In addition to this, this online battle royale reminds of the Japanese show Takeshi’s Castle.

This allows players to play sixty jelly-beans like role-models racing among various players besides tackling obstacle courses along with it. It structures both team & solo games and the players’ number decreases as the game proceeds. The player who takes the crown first or succeeds to stay active the longest wins.

Treat for Online Fall Guys Players

Interested players can buy costumes such as T. Rex or Pineapple. Recently it has launched a Red Panda outfit for V-Day this month. The best thing is that this costume can also be availed by players when they play and win the game.

Fall Guys developer released Season 2 last fall that features medieval-themed games. It also announced a ‘Show Selector’, a curated playlist for players to select the types of rounds they choose to play.

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