Fortnite adds its latest Llambro Crew Skin to the Item Shop

23 Feb, 2021 Gaming 138 0 Comment
Fortnite Crew skin Llama

Fortnite players will now get a Llambro crew skin with a llama head as part of the game’s monthly feature additions

Fortnite has added a Llambro crew skin to its Item shop featuring a llama head. The crew bundle is about to release in the month of March that will include new skin, which will be one of the battle royale’s well-known characters. The latest Fortnite crew skin is Llambro.

It will have a bro who will wear a llama head. His entire kit will be based on llama-theme that will include the Up North back bling, the Puffcorn Pick pickaxe and the Llegend wrap.

From the time it was introduced, Fortnite’s Llambro is a highly popular figure in this game. This has warranted the developer to make this addition.

Fortnite Llambro Skin: Highlights

According to recent leaks and info, Llamas will soon be appearing frequently in matches. It will feature as a brand-new crew skin, and should be arriving in the month of March.

The Llambro skin will become available on March 1 for all subscribers of Fortnite Crew. This will be a good deal for the most consistent as well as the hardcore Fortnite gamers for sure. For a premium every month, the sub will contain a lot of loot.

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For Fortnite Subscribers

Every month, subscribers will get to know about a new skin, the active season’s battle pass and 1,000 V-Bucks. These all will be priced at $11.99 per month. This will be a less than those of Netflix subscription.

February’s skin pack, the Fox Clan warrior Vi, will be available for all those gamers, who will subscribe to Fortnite Crew before February 28 at 6pm. After that, there will be no chance left for them, because Llambro will take over.

Once the month of March ends, Llambro will not be available to gamers. So all the gamers who wish to know more about this skin, should now jump on the Fortnite Crew bus before it’s too late.

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