Fortnite v18.00 BR Hotfix: Fourth Birthday Rewards, Armoured Walls arrive

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Fortnite v18.00

Fortnite’s v18.00 Hotfix of Chapter 2, Season 8 is here with some major changes and new additions to the game. There are a few competitive notes arriving with this Hotfix as well.

Unvaulted Item Voting in Fortnite v18.00

Fortnite is now giving players the power to choose which vaulted item returns to Battle Royale. A new in-game voting system ensures this option. The Shockwave Launcher and Rift-To-Go are the first two items players can choose between to introduce back into Battle Royale.

The voting system works through each item receiving donations of Gold Bars. This is with the item that reaches the target of 4 Billion Bars first being unvaulted. Donation boards do not appear in competitive playlists.

Fortnite’s Fourth Birthday Celebrations

The fourth birthday event in Fortnite is set to start on September 24. Players can unlock new Quests and free limited-time cosmetics. Birthday Cake consumables will be scattered across the Island once the event starts. These will provide Health and Shield to players who consume them.

Fortnite v18.00

Patch v18.00 will add Birthday Presents back to the loot pool, rewarding players who find them with a random legendary weapon. Gamers however, will not find these new birthday-themed items in competitive playlists once the event begins.

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Adding to the excitement, are the new ‘4 Me???’ Back Bling and ‘Hooplah Hammer’ Harvesting Tool and ‘4? Score!’ Emoticon. Players can unlock these for free through the Birthday event Quests.

The Quests will go live in-game at the same time as the event (9am ET) on the 24, ending on September 28 at 2am ET.

Armoured Walls arrive in Fortnite v18.00

The v18.00 Hotfix has also introduced a brand new item to Fortnite: The ‘Armored Wall’ Trap. Players can use it on walls, floors and ramps and cones to provide them with 2,500 health.

This amount of HP can protect a structure from any weapon for a period of time. However, it will self-destroy once a gamer has depleted all 2,500 of health.

They are currently uncommon rarity. Players can find them all over the Island as floor loot or in Supply Drops, not Chests. Armored Wall Traps will not be available in competitive playlists.

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