Free Fire to enter Global Collaboration with Attack on Titan

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Free Fire_Attack on Titan

Free Fire will be collaborating with famous anime series Attack on Titan to launch a battle royale game by March with crossover themes & elements

Garena has announced that Free Fire is all set to enter a strategic collaboration with popular anime series Attack on Titan by Kodansha.

This crossover between a battle royale-themed game and a modern Japanese anime series is expected to go live in March.

Free Fire & Attack on Titan: What to expect

This partnership will operate at a global scale, with Garena teaming up with Attack on Titan to introduce several elements from the anime to Free Fire.

A wide range of anime-themed content is sure to make its way to Free Fire in March this year. Similar to previous collaborations, Garena might dedicate in-game events with special prizes, some themed bundles based on protagonists and weapon skins inspired by Attack on Titan.

Fans of Attack on Titan will now be able to enter a battle dressed up in colours of the Survey Corps division or costumes inspired by the man-eating Titans.

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Gamers will also have access to exclusive gun skins and other Free Fire items and collectibles.

For a long time, Attack on Titan has enjoyed a cult following worldwide and has been a trending series with its final season coming to an end soon. It is based on fiction around the legendary Titans and has a gripping storyline with multiple subplots and unexpected twists.

Garena’s masterstroke with Attack on Titan

This announcement is sure to catch the eye of Free Fire fans as Attack on Titan is currently one of the most popular anime series available.

This exciting collaboration means Garena can be sure of reaching out and engaging an even larger fan base for Free Fire in the coming times.

With this joint operation underway, Free Fire seems to have chosen a perfect partner to introduce goodies for players, who will soon get access to the in-game content.

This news has certainly hyped up the Free Fire players to look forward to an interesting season with the next update. It will be interesting to see how some elements from Attack on Titan will be implemented in Free Fire.

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