Free Fire’s OB23 patch update gets new Bermuda 2.0 map

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The new OB23 patch update on Free Fire gets a new Bermuda 2.0 map with new and exciting locations and more options to be explored

Free Fire has introduced the Bermuda 2.0 map as a part of its OB23 patch update, which will see a completely redesigned map with places being replaced and major changes being brought to the rest of the locations. Accompanying this update would be a new character Lucas, a new pet Mr Wagger, an assault rifle in AUG along with many other additions. The news was confirmed by Free Fire’s official Twitter account.

The new Bermuda map will not impact the currently available standard Bermuda map and will be a separate map with an 85 MB download size. Players will have the option of downloading it if they find merit. The map was released on the 1st of January 2021 and will not be available for Classic and Ranked matches. However, players can pre-download it.

The new map gets new locations with a special focus on New York and Tokyo and not only were these cities added to the map, but Garena has also added structures from Japan’s Tokyo tower, Germany’s Brandenburg gate, Russia’s Saint Basil Cathedral and Sweden’s Stortorget. While gamers were eagerly waiting for the new locations, the advanced server used for testing a game’s status prior to its release, players could get a sneak peek into the new locations which would get added in the OB23 patch.

Academy replaces Bullseye and Graveyard

What can be deciphered from the new image leaks is that this location is inspired from a German site and will be located exactly where Bullseye and Graveyard were previously positioned. The new location gives players a decent height benefit with sufficient cover between the structures of the revamped Bullseye and its academy square with picturesque monuments.

Nurek Dam partially replaces Plantation & Riverside

This location hints towards the famed focus on New York and Russia as both these locations have one of the largest hydropower generating stations. Hydropower stations mainly produce electricity with the help of turbines that vitally rely on the gravity of the water flow. It is located in-between riverside and plantation. The spawn rate of quality equipment seems to be high and it’s a worthy location to camp seeing that the structure is high and surmountable.

Samurai Garden takes the place of Sentosa

This location clearly has roots with Tokyo and replaces Sentosa Island with its Japanese style architecture. Its beauty is sure to greet players with its aesthetic charm, as it boasts of the famous Torii gates and Minka houses and a landscape decorated with Sakura trees.

Aden’s Creek replaces Rim Nam village

Serene locales of Sweden featuring the visually-attractive fish huts find pride of place in Aden’s Creek, which is now available in place of the Rim Na village. This is one location which has undergone a dramatic change and is virtually unrecognizable now. The previously present huts have now been enlarged, and coupled with wide roads, gives players a worthwhile option to sharpen their motoring skills.

How to download:

  1. Open Free Fire game
  2. Opt for the ‘Download Centre’ option
  3. A number of resources appear next
  4. Choose the ‘Down’ arrow near the Bermuda Remastered option

The Remastered Bermuda is now ready to be explored and enjoyed.

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