Garena Free Fire Elite Pass Season 36 brings Free Rewards

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Free Fire Elite Pass

Garena Free Fire Elite Pass Season 36 is currently on and fans can grab their favourite items via the Elite Pass and Elite Bundle

Over the years, Free Fire has provided Elite Pass to users, which enables them to procure numerous exclusive in-game items. These include items such as costumes, bundles and more. Every month, the developers bring in a new pass.

Free Fire Elite Pass Season 36

The Free Fire Elite Pass Season 36 commenced yesterday. Like in previous Seasonal passes, players can purchase two paid versions: The Elite Pass and Elite Bundle for 499 and 999 diamonds, respectively.

Excluding the paid rewards, the pass also offers users numerous free items that they can collect by obtaining a certain number of badges. Below is the list of free rewards for gamers available in Free Fire Elite Pass Season 36:

  • 50 Gold (Unlocks at 0 Badges)
  • Peekaboo (Avatar) (Unlocks at 5 Badges)
  • 3x Scan (Unlocks at 10 Badges)
  • 1x Pet Food (Unlocks at 20 Badges)
  • 1x Gold Voucher (Unlocks at 30 Badges)
  • Theatre of Torment T-Shirt (Unlocks at 40 Badges)
  • 1x Diamond Royale Voucher (Unlocks at 50 Badges)
  • 1x Fragment Crate (Unlocks at 60 Badges)
  • Discount Coupon (Unlocks at 70 Badges)
  • 1x Pet Food (Unlocks at 80 Badges)
  • Predatory Cobra Token Box (Unlocks at 85 Badges)
  • 300 Gold (Unlocks at 90 Badges)
  • Come to Me (Unlocks at 100 Badges)
  • 3x Summon Airdrop (Unlocks at 120 Badges)
  • 1x Gold Voucher (Unlocks at 130 Badges)
  • 3x Resupply Map (Unlocks at 140 Badges)
  • 1x Predatory Cobra Token Box (Unlocks at 145 Badges)
  • Peekaboo (Banner) (Unlocks at 150 Badges)
  • 500 Gold (Unlocks at 160 Badges)
  • 1x Fragment Case II (Unlocks at 170 Badges)
  • 3x Bonfires (Unlocks at 180 Badges)
  • 1x Gold Royale Voucher (Unlocks at 190 Badges)
  • Theatre of Torment Backpack (Unlocks at 200 Badges)
  • 1x Predatory Cobra Token Box (Unlocks at 205 Badges)
  • 3x Gold Royale Voucher (Unlocks at 210 Badges)
  • 3x Bounty Token (Unlocks at 220 Badges)
  • 500x Universal Fragment (Unlocks at 225 Badges)
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