How to Increase Headshot Accuracy in BGMI?

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BGMI is the most popular and highly acclaimed battle royale game played with enthusiasm and excitement. The game has a BR mode where players have to be in the race of survival till the end. One who lasts the fight wins the ‘Winner Winner Chicken Dinner’.

How to Increase Headshot Accuracy in BGMI?

During the fight, headshots are decisive. If a gamer calculates headshots with preciseness, he/she can make more killings and damages to opponents. By increasing the headshot accuracy, you can easily. We have got some tips covered to help you out in this. Read on.

Activate the ‘Aim Assist’ Feature:

The Aim Assist feature is frequently used in BGMI. It’s observed that Players who play with the Aim Assist feature can perform a lot better during gunfights as compared to those who prefer to keep it off.

Using the feature, payers can shift the aim to the opponents’ heads. It eventually improves the accuracy of headshots. If you’re new to the game, turn the feature on to increase the headshot accuracy.

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Practice on the Training Ground:

Perfection is the key to conquering any game whether online or offline. BGMI isn’t an exception. The game comes packed with a unique training ground where gamers can visit to enhance all their movement and gaming kills.

On the ground, players can create different gun combinations and attachments. They can also set their sensitivity for various guns to improve and increase their headshot accuracy.

Keep the gyroscope turned on:

If you have been playing the BGMI for some time you should know the gyroscope sensor. The feature helps players to shift their aim by just tilting their mobile devices.

The feature acts as a performance enhancer for players as it incredibly helps players aim for headshots.

Change Sensitivity Settings:

Another way to increase the accuracy of headshots is to change the sensitivity settings.

Players should set the sensitivity settings as per the preferred weapons they use. Sensitivity settings with less recoil can improve the chances for a player to hit more headshots.

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