League of Legends introduces Patch 11.6 Update with Multiple Tweaks

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League of Legends Patch 11.6

Riot Games will introduce patch 11.6 update for League of Legends next week and several characters might get nerfed and tweaked

League of Legends will be coming up with its latest patch update 11.6 next week and gamers can expect a lot of changes to the game. Multiple adjustments, nerfs and updates are round the corner!

Mark ‘Scruffy’ Yetter, who heads the gameplay design at LoL, has provided a brief of what gamers can expect from the new patch.

League of Legends Patch 11.6: Overview

Players will recall that Riot Games had updated Xin-Chao character last week, along with the systemic healing tweaks. This time around, warrior Akali seems to have received a health boost. Hecarim and Karthus however, will be nerfed.

Akali in League of Legends

Since the time this character received a revamp, gamers have been complaining. Balance changes apparently allowed Akali to be overpowered, thereby rendering her quite powerless.

And the numbers reflect the same. Akali had a dismal 44.9-percent win rate in Platinum ranks and above in Patch 11.4. This has warranted some much-needed power-up for the Rogue Assassin.

Riot has been testing Akali’s adjustments on LoL‘s PBE. Her base health will drop from 575 to 500 and the Assassin’s Mark passive, which restores energy, is removed.

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The developer has also adjusted the energy on Five Point Strike (Q) to be available more during the initial levels and less at max levels. Minions and monsters at optimum ranks can now rejoice as Akali will not cause them additional harm.

Riot probably wants to systematically give power to Akali while protecting competitive integrity. This is due to the wide array of tentative adjustments visible. The assassin will likely have less lane dominance but scale better into the late game.

What’s more in League of Legends patch 11.6

Players will see jungle-dwellers Hecarim and Karthus receive a downward thrust. This is to make room for other champions as these two assumed significantly higher abilities.

For the records, both of them sport a 51.7-percent and 52.6-percent win rate respectively in Plat and above.

Hecarim has proved himself as an extremely dexterous character, with sharp duelist features. A commendable farmer, he also has good crowd control. The developer might focus on limiting his early game, making him an average farmer and early dueler.

Karthus has time and again proved his abilities as a great farmer and as a late-game monster. However, his early game is a clear counter since he needs time to scale and can be invaded fairly easily.

Riot might further work upon his weak early game, making his abilities do less to minions.

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