League of Legends: Wild Rift Lunar Beasts event to get Six New Skins

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Wild Rift Lunar Beasts

LoL: Wild Rift will soon launch Lunar Beasts mini event with six new skins and honours the famous friendship of Rakan and Xayah

League of Legends: Wild Rift has announced the launch of its forthcoming event – Lunar Beasts. Often referred to as the Lunar Lovers event, this is a mini-event coming on the back of the recently launched patch 2.1 update for the game.

LoL Wild Rift Lunar Beasts: Overview

What’s unique about this event is that for the first time, Wild Rift will be conducting this event simultaneously in League of Legends. This creates a strong brand connect for gamers with Wild Rift as a serious event organizer.

The event will take gamers into the future; 2057 to be precise. Greeting gamers would be six new skins introduced in LoL and Wild Rift. This event will start from 12th February and will run for the next two weeks.

Six new skins

Alistar, Jarvan IV, Annie, Darius, Fiora and Miss Fortune will be getting these new skins, which combine modern street wear with ancient weaponry in an attractive yet deadly package.

The Miss Fortune skin has been reserved for Wild Rift players only, to add an air of exclusivity.

As gamers progress along the event, they can earn tokens and redeem them to unlock two new champions during the entire process. The game will see players teaming up with their in-game friends, form a party and complete many daily tasks as per requirements.

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Attractive addition to LOL Wild Beasts

This event can be termed as a tribute to the friendship of Rakan and Xayah, whose skins will also be found in the game.

Players will be able to unlock both these skins for free provided they earn the stipulated number of Lunar Tokens. Gamers can earn these in-game tokens after successfully completing the allotted tasks within the main event.

Earning tokens for each Lunar Beasts skin

Miss Fortune: Lunar Flintlocks

  • Total tokens: 225
  • Earn +2 points per win.
  • Earn +1 point per loss.
  • Earn +1 point per game with a pre-made team

Jarvan IV: Lunar Spear

  • Total tokens: 225
  • Earn +2 points for each Baron or Dragon killed by your team.
  • Earn +1 point for each Rift Herald killed by your team.

Annie: Lunar Bear

  • Total tokens: 300
  • Earn +1 point for each gift sent to another player

Fiora: Lunar Blade

  • Total tokens: 225
  • Earn +1 point per takedown.
  • Earn +5 points if awarded the MVP/SVP.

Darius: Lunar Axe

  • Total tokens: 300
  • Earn +1 point for each turret destroyed by your team.
  • Earn +3 points for winning a game under 15 minutes.

Alistair: Lunar Gauntlets

There are no set challenges here and players can earn tokens only when all the other skins are unlocked.

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