Netflix to launch Dota: Dragon’s Blood Anime Series soon

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Dota 2 Netflix series

Valve’s Dota 2 is all set to get an 8-episode anime series on Netflix, which will go live on the 25th of March

Netflix is all set to launch an 8-episode anime series on Valve’s famous Dota 2 franchise. Titled Dota: Dragon’s Blood, the series will hit the floor on 25th of March.

Dota 2 on Netflix: Overview

Dota: Dragon’s Blood will be a fantasy tale of a famed dragon knight Davion as the protagonist. As the hero of this saga, Davion is committed to wiping the scourge from the face of the world.

As the plot unfolds, viewers will follow Davion’s tryst with an all-powerful, ancient eldwurm. Also entwined in Davion’s mission will be Princess Mirana, who is on a secret mission of her own.

Things turn from bad to worse, as Davion gets embroiled in events much larger than he could have ever imagined. The narrative appears to be quite gripping and not only Dota 2 fans, but Netflix subscribers are sure to enjoy it.

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Behind the scenes: Dota2 on Netflix

Studio MIR will be handling the animation of this series. Ryu Ki Hyun will be the series’ co-executive producer. The executive producer of the series would be Ashely Edward Miller.

For the uninitiated, Studio MIR has been credited with ‘The Legend of Korra’ and Netflix’s ‘Voltron: Legendary Defender’ series. Ashely Edward Miller is of ‘X-Men: First Class’, ‘Thor’ and ‘Black Sails’ fame.

The above credentials clearly highlight the earnest intent in creating this series. This means that fans can surely look forward to an action-packed Dota-themed series next month.

Commenting on the same, Miller said, “Fans will love how we’ve imagined the Dota 2 universe and woven together an epic, emotional and adult-oriented story about some of their favorite characters.”

“The cinematic animation, acting and music are simply next level and I’m grateful to Valve for supporting our creative ambitions,” he added. The trailer of the series is out now on YouTube.

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