New CS:GO patch notes get Shorthanded Income, Timeouts changes

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New CS:GO patch notes

Valve’s latest patch update in CS:GO gives shorthanded income after every round and Broken Fang Premier team timeouts now have a duration of 2x one-minute

Valve has released a new update to CS:GO and has slightly revamped the Short-Handed income mechanic introduced in last month’s update. The timeouts for Broken Fang Premier matches have also been tweaked.

CS:GO Short-Handed income tweaks

Last month’s update introduced a shorthanded loser income amount of $1000. This mechanic ensured that if a team had fewer players than their opponents for three or more consecutive rounds in a half, the amount would be provided following a round loss.

The recent update is now more rewarding as a team with fewer players can now win this amount, regardless of winning or losing. While the amount of $1000 might not appear much of an incentive for teams, the new stipulation is sure to find more takers.

Broken Fang Premier Timeout in CS:GO

With the previous CS:GO update, Valve implemented automatic timeouts when a gamer disconnected. Players were however not very happy with the frequent pauses witnessed due to these timeouts.

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To address this requirement in automatic Technical Pauses, Valve has gone ahead and changed the number of Tactical Timeouts, testing it out in the Broken Fang Premier queue.

In the previous CS:GO iteration, Timeouts were four 30-second affairs, thereby warranting quick pause sessions. The new February update stretches these Timeouts to two 1-minute ordeals. This directly results in fewer pauses across matches where a player simply needs to sit around and count chickens.

Gamers’ demand from CS:GO update

Readers would recall that last month, Valve had done away with bots from competitive and wingman game modes. This had caused severe angst among players, who wanted Valve to improve the performance of bots, rather than remove them completely.

With the latest update, Valve seems to be moving towards carrying out a number of changes to compensate for the added disadvantage of not receiving a bot in the team when a player disconnects from a ranked game.

Fans can surely expect similar tweaks – major and minor – in the future from the developer to ensure smoother gameplay and a better overall playing experience.

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