New tank item, Anathema’s Chains coming to League of Legends PBE

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Anathema’s Chains League of Legends

Riot Games has introduced another new item to the League of Legends PBE, a tank item named Anathema’s Chains, which will arrive in patch 11.13

Riot Games has announced another new item to the League of Legends PBE, a tank item named Anathema’s Chains. The item was teased several weeks ago when Riot previewed some of the new items it was working on for upcoming patches.

Anathema’s Chains comes to League of Legends

The item gives a massive 650 health in addition to 20 ability haste. And while the stats are solid enough on their own, the passive effect of Anathema’s Chains really steals all the glory.

The item allows whoever builds it to select an enemy champion as their “nemesis”. Over the course of 60 seconds, players will start to build a “vendetta” against their nemesis. This will cause them to take up to 30 percent less damage from the champion targeted.

Additionally, the “nemesis” will have 20 percent less tenacity when near a gamer. This is as long as they have Anathema’s Chains in their inventory.

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Anathema’s Chains: Additional Details

The active ability that allows players to designate an enemy champion. This is because their nemesis is available to cast while dead and at a global range. But they can’t select a new champion as their nemesis while in combat. They will lose all previous vendetta stacks that they had built up against their previous nemesis when selecting a new one.

Anathema’s Chains will cost 2,500 gold in the in-game shop and is available to build out of a Kindlegem and Giant’s Belt. Players can consider this new addition as a Legendary caliber item under the new item classification system.

Anathema’s Chains is now available for testing on the League PBE, which is set to Patch 11.13. Riot will released the item with Patch 11.13, which will hit the live servers on June 23.

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