Operation Broken Fang: CS:GO Co-Op Mission Leaked

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Operation Broken Fang_mission leaked

CS:GO Operation Broken Fang latest missions have been leaked and players will be able to try out the co-op mission even before its official release

The last sets of weekly missions of CS:GO’s Operation Broken Fang has been leaked. One of mission titled ‘A Lasting Impression’ has revolved to be a Co-op mission.

Online gamers can complete this with 4 other missions, a part of the ‘Week 16’ from March 16 to March 23 this year that will help to earn a max reward of 13 stars. This will be the last weekly mission however, Operation Broken Fang will not going to end before April 30, 2021.

Most of the information about the co-op strike mission ‘A Lasting Impression’ has already been leaked and the credit to this goes to ‘u/BeepIsla’. Now players can play this before its release.

The easter egg of how to activate the hard mode has also been established. Gamers currently have no clue of what online players can guess in this co-op mission.

Overview of “A Lasting Impression” Co-Op Mission

Brief information about the weekly mission for the week 13, 14 and 15 had been leaked in little advance. However, Valve has managed to save the best, releasing the “Week 16” mission just a day before its scheduled release. It is done for protecting the info about the Co-op mission so that this does not leak several weeks in advance.

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Steps to play leaked co-op mission prior to official release

Follow the simple steps to play the co-op mission:

  1. Begin this game by inviting a friend to a pre-defined lobby.
  2. Begin any workshop map, if possible one with the smallest custom settings because it does not get reset when the map is changed.
  3. As soon as workshop loading is done, it’s time to enter in your CS:GO console: game_type 4; game_mode 1; changelevel coop_fall; mp_coopmission_mission_number 1.
  4. A Lasting Impression will robotically load and you can enjoy this with your dearest pals. It is not clear that if completing the mission, will you be getting counted and rewarded with the 2 stars or not.

How to Unlock Hard Mode for Co-Op Mission

Every co-op mission has a hard mode that players need to activate by searching the hidden setting. Note that this is not very tough to find the setting. However, for all those that want to cut right to the race, there’s the way to unlock hard mode for ‘A Lasting Impression’.

  • Toggle all the 3 tiny lamps on the walls that are present within the room in such a way that all show a green light.
  • Out of three, two can be found at a box pile each, whereas one can be found behind the whiteboard.
  • As soon as all are green, a door will open in the wall. This will pull the switch and this will activate hard mode’ for the co-op mission.


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