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“Internet Games” have always been a platform to instill something new in the player’s mind. The Game Designers keep in mind about ways to make sure that adrenaline is always pumped up in the gamer. This is where makers of PUBG have always maintained that the real-life type of scenario is being followed. Like this almost real form of feeling is felt by the player.

In this game, the primary objective is to make sure that protective armor and sophisticated weapons are owned by you. Also, there is a need for a perfect type of hiding spot. As in this case, a better form of the killing plan could be executed with the least chance of getting killed by the enemy.

Just when the thought of everything you know is coming in your head, then you must be advised of many things to be learned by the player. The Game Designers have to be praised all the time for making sure that the level of intensity and wild action is not lost.

List of cool & interesting facts:

In this section the reader will go through some of the mind-stimulating facts. This is surely going to create not just interest but will also make the game playing a lot of fun.


Brendan Greene known as Player Unknown likes to be anonymous on occasion. There is a rumor that this name was taken by him, as just a game representation. So he switched it to player unknown to create a character on the server. He liked the sound of it, so Greene used his nickname in the video game brand and his company.


One might not believe, but this version of Online Game has evolved a lot in terms of everything. No wonder the figure of 13, 42,857 of total players has been achieved by it. In 2017 this milestone was broken and overtaking the success of Dota 2 which is another version of E-Sports Game. The Online sensation was produced by Valve (an American Video Game Developer).

The management of the game PUBG has worked a lot for making sure that success of the game is pulling game enthusiast. Initially, the company was a bit hesitant about the growth pattern, but with the way, Xbox One release has taken place number has even surpassed one million copies. Having said this, the growth has not dipped down even a little bit. PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds could is racing ahead and eclipsing the sales of GTA V if it keeps escalating with the current form of progressive Chart.


The player is suggested to not just reload the weapon but also acquire the modern weapon. All this should be carried out before engaging in any fight. There is only one form of thing which does pull you own is the firing of the gun is based on a single fire round system.


A smart form of tactic is to be involved and that is during a cross-fire the player should make sure of having some patience and not getting into any battle. Once the major form of combat is over, and then just finish off with the remaining survivors. This is a simple and correct method of making sure that one has won the professional players tournament single-handedly.


Well, this is a simple form of question and yet has been responsible for making sure that for the newcomers this does not become the reason for not enjoying the game. New-comer having zero knowledge about the place in the human body where maximum damage is done can be the reason for a problem. In this case, interacting with an expert and/or watching game streams and tutorials is the right option. It will tell you about first selecting a hiding spot and then aim correctly for making sure that the person is shot and is dead.

For this, the shooter is also advised to always aim for the head. A headshot is far more dangerous and will definitely be the reason for a sure shot kill.


The playing of game PUBG involves a lot of attentive skills to be displayed by the concerned player. Even though one is amid all of the action, still the person is needed to keep his pinpoint form of accuracy all the time. There should not be any kind of delay. The player’s instincts will be the saving factor for him. As whenever, there will be a movement, from a concealed place. Then automatically you are supposed to take aim and put the other person down. Many times, you might get surprised but this is where right judgment is to get proper form of backing by the PUBG player.

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So, don’t get confused and always back your instincts.


In the game of PUBG, the player is to be smart round the clock. This game depicts of a war-zone that is infested with armed enemies. So, if the player during the course of the game is witnessing that ammunition is getting depleted; then be swift and immediately transpose from your hideout. This is a basic thing to be considered. Otherwise, you would be like a sitting duck and get shot by the enemy easily or without any struggle.

So, you should also be aware of the slight noises being audible due to your movements. The player should be deft, as that would be of great value in terms of acquiring success. Also, scan the area every now and then for making sure there are no recent enemy advancements to your spot.


In any war game, the movement of the player from one place to the other is said to be of high importance. For this, the player is said to be relying on fast and bankable vehicles. In this game, vehicles like – Mirado, Pickup Truck, etc. are to be relied upon for moving safely and fast. These vehicles are said to be too good in the rocky terrains.

On the other hand, motorcycles are another way of making sure transportation is fast and swift. For the experienced ones, the player could also fire, while riding and inflict maximum and effective kills on your enemy.


In the Online Video Game Player Unknown Battleground, the player will find lots of interesting and exciting activities. Just like any other version of the game, even this falls into the same segment. The Game Developers have worked on their creativity. Now, the gamers can make use of not just weapons but vehicles too, according to their needs and requirements. In short, it completely fulfills the excitement level of the gamer.

This game is not just a game but a way to deliver the zeal to undertake an assignment and complete it too. It clearly makes you leap through buildings, drive upstairs, running on the rooftops, etc.


In most of the Online Video Games, the player gets motivational phrases or lines being flashed on the computer screen. Even in this game, the player will get to see “Winner Winner Chicken Dinner”. Mostly, the gamers are not aware of the meaning of this and so raise the question. It’s a common phrase used by gamblers at casinos most especially in Las Vegas. A chicken dinner used to cost less than $2 so when a player won a bet; it would mean that is was a meal they could afford.

Another section of the people believes that during ‘Great Depression” a large number of people was dying all because of hunger. So, the motive of the game is to make sure a feeling of strong will power to win the game is generated. This will instill a strong feeling of a champion.


A very interesting way to save you from tight situations is also provided to a game player. The PUBG game developers have clearly understood each and every scenario. No wonder this version of the Internet Game has become a sensation. The player just needs to drive straight into the sea.

In this case, the player can easily become reckless, as the enemy will not stop unless you are shot dead. During the time you are underwater, the game allows you to gain strength and also get healed.


One is hoping that you must have enjoyed and also learned a lot about the Internet Video Game. All the points mentioned above must have implanted the excitement factor in your mind and heart.

If still, there is any kind of confusion lingering in your head about the game, then please communicate with us.

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