PUBG Mobile partners OnePlus to launch giveaway event

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OnePlus has once again teamed up with PUBG Mobile to launch a giveaway event early next year and the rewards are quite lucrative.

OnePlus has collaborated with PUBG Mobile to launch a big giveaway event at the beginning of 2021. Due to the immense popularity of the PUBG brand across a wide spectrum of users, various brands find it apt to launch campaigns through PUBG Mobile and OnePlus seems keen to cash on this opportunity.

A winning partnership

This is not the first time that OnePlus has collaborated with PUBG Mobile on a grand scale. The earlier product of this joint initiative was a new feature which was introduced in-game. PUBG Mobile got the 90FPS support for the first time and this feature was made exclusive to OnePlus users for a certain time period.

As for the present collaboration, the rewards on offer are very expensive. PUBG Mobile and OnePlus are holding a giveaway where three lucky entrants will get the ‘Never Settle Airdrops ft. A OnePlus 8T, 256GB.’ The entries for this event have already begun and you can participate in it very easily.

Participation process in the giveaway

Below are the simple steps through which one can participate in this giveaway. There are various numbers of entries and users can opt for multiple entries at once to get a higher chance of winning these rewards. Players can select any method of entering the giveaway which they prefer and multiple methods can also be used at the same time.

The list of methods is as follows:
  1. Visit OnePlus on Facebook
  2. Visit OnePlus on Instagram
  3. Visit @OnePlus_USA on Twitter
  4. Visit @PUBGMOBILE on Twitter
  5. Join PUBG Mobile Discord Server

Each method grants one entry and if a player completes all of these entries, he/she can gain additional two entries as a reward. Players have an opportunity to enter this giveaway till 9th January 2021 and the winners of this giveaway will be announced after the entire process is completed. Interested players must remember that more number of entries will grant a bigger probability of winning the Air Drop so using all of the available methods is advisable.

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