Riot re-enables Ranked Queues in Valorant post Settings Bug fix

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Valorant Ranked Queues Re-enabled

Riot Games has re-enabled the ranked queues in Valorant as the settings bug issue has now been fixed by the developer after multiple complaints for players

Riot Games has informed players that it has re-enabled the ranked queues in Valorant as the settings bug issue has now been fixed. Earlier, Riot Games had temporarily disabled ranked queues in Valorant as it was working on fixing a bug impacting in-game settings and keybinds.

The developer had yesterday acknowledged a complaint from players regarding a bug that resets a player’s custom settings and crosshairs.

The developer argued that the move was in common interest, as it disabled rank queues in the game. This move might have had a momentary negative impact on the immediate in-game dynamics of certain players though.

Settings bug creeps in Valorant

Players notified Riot Games that their custom keybinds and other in-game settings would automatically reset at the start of a game. Riot had also temporarily disabled the rank playlist to prevent further impact on players during matches.

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Since the bug meddled with player settings in-game, players would only be able to identify it once play started. Once active, it would warrant constant changes in settings in the ranked playlist.

This can be irritating and distracting for a player. There might be a detrimental impact on his final performance due to the loss of time and concentration while playing.

Bug impacting Valorant players

Some players reported that the issue impacted multiple lobbies. This caused a chain reaction in early rounds and eventually hampering gaming speed and outcome of the early rounds. The problem is not as severe in deathmatch or unrated, but it still causes inconvenience.

Temporarily removing ranked queues will prevent the bug from affecting ranks or the outcomes of matches. Many players were fine with Valorant’s move, while others expressed discomfort, as their immediate game suffered.

A few players noted that this problem had been occurring since Valorant introduced the Skye update in October last year. However, Riot Games was prompt in responding to this issue and the game settings seem to work fine now.

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