Sony pulls the plug on Cyberpunk 2077, offers refunds

19 Dec, 2020 Reviews 102 0 Comment

In a quick move towards reinstating customer confidence in its brand, Sony Corp. has removed CD Projekt Red’s Cyberpunk 2077 from its online PlayStation Store and will be offering full refunds to customers who had purchased the game post its debut on the 8th of this month.

One of this year’s highly anticipated games, Cybperpunk 2077 was wrought with constant bug issues, disappointing frame rates and average graphics. Rightfully, customers started complaining about these issues and initially, CD Projekt Red had offered full refunds on its own behalf to disgruntled customers. While the developer went on record to accept the quality niggles in the game, it had not provided clarity regarding refunds with console makers Microsoft and Sony. And it is well known that both these companies have stringent refund policies.

Since players on Xbox and PS4 found themselves on the receiving end of most of the quality issues, Sony decided to undertake what can be considered one of the fastest removals after a game launch, in order to spare customers of further trouble, lest it malign its brand name further. This is the first time that Sony has removed an AAA title from its PlayStation Store over quality issues with the game.

When users initially complained about the issues with the game, CD Projekt Red released a statement on December 14th, apologizing for the situation on consoles and also mentioned that they planned to release smaller updates soon and then larger patches would follow, in January and February. They also asked players on PlayStation and Xbox to refund the game if they aren’t happy.

Sony Corp has set up a website where customers can sign up to submit their request for a refund. Once it is confirmed that a customer has purchased the game from the PlayStation Store, the refund process would be carried out. However, this process might be long at the moment as the company is getting flooded with a larger number of requests from unhappy customers.

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