The CSGO HUB Premium is now live: Get Membership, Subscription offers

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CSGO HUB Premium

The CSGO HUB Premium is now available to gamers across the globe, who can now watch behind-the-scenes footage of an ESL event, and lots more

ESL, in association with payment company Coil, has launched the CSGO HUB Premium package. This is a milestone announcement from CSGO, as the devs have been hard at work creating this suite for gamers.

Players can access hours of interviews highlighting all the work that goes on behind the scenes at an ESL event. What’s more, they can learn how to start a career in production and tackle challenges that face ESIC today.

CSGO HUB Premium: What’s in store

As a part of this package, CSGO players get to support their favourite organization by wearing their team badge. These Team badges provide direct financial assistance to a player’s chosen organization.

They also offer cool cosmetics on a CSGO HUB and ESEA profile. These include client skins, flair on match recaps, forum emotes, and many more. CSGO HUB Premium subscribers will receive a team badge every month. Along with this, they can also choose which organization they want to represent.

ESEA Premium membership in CSGO Hub

To receive ESEA Premium membership, gamers need to connect their ESL and ESEA accounts, after subscribing to CSGO HUB Premium. The advantage of this is a gaming experience on high-quality 128 tick servers around the globe on an anti-cheat client.

Players can start their path to the ESL Pro League by entering the ESEA League. They stand to win their share of $1,200,000 per year in prizes.

Gamers can access individually generated pro rounds to improve using CSGO’s existing Match Recaps, Map Analysis and Report Cards. They can use this powerful tool to identify how they should play those scenarios moving forward.

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CSGO HUB Premium: Additional features

ESL Pro Tour Masters events will now feature a bingo competition where fans at home cross off items on their bingo cards that correspond to events that happen on stream.

CSGO HUB Premium

CSGO HUB Premium subscribers will receive four additional cards and each cell will automatically complete when the incident occurs on stream to allow the Premium member to step away from the action without worrying about their cards.

Gamers need to enter the ESL Pro League Bingo for groups C & D

  • The first player to complete a single horizontal line will win a Moto Gloves Cool Mint Field Tested
  • A player who completes two horizontal lines will win a Talon Marble Fade Factory New
  • The first player to complete a full card will win a Butterfly Tiger Tooth Factory New
  • All players who complete 10 individual cells on a single card will win a week of ESEA Premium.

Benefits for Coil Subscribers

During ESL Pro League and moving forward on Saturday and Sunday fans of the same organizations will come together to battle against opponents representing a different organization.

  • The organization which wins the bracket will receive $1,000 in prizes.
  • This will go to players winning the most PUGs between ESL Pro League finals and the end of the month.
  • Players can subscribe for $5 per month through Coil and receive a variety of extra features. These include automatic Twitch bits awarded to their favourite streamers.
  • All existing ESEA subscribers can also access CSGO HUB Premium by linking their ESL and ESEA accounts.

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