The Merciless Necromancer skin for Kord arrives in Garena Free Fire

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Merciless Necromancer skin Free Fire

Garena has added the Merciless Necromancer skin for its powerful Kord weapon in Free Fire. This is the very first skin of Kord in Free Fire

Garena has added the Merciless Necromancer skin for its powerful Kord weapon in Free Fire. This is the very first skin of Kord in Free Fire.

Kord gets the Merciless Necromancer skin

The new skin is as powerful as Kord the weapon, according to Garena. Since it is the one and only skin for the weapon, games would surely be excited to buy it. Apart from its uniqueness, the skin also upgrades the performance of the weapon.

Garena claims that after procuring the skin, the range increases, accuracy improves and the magazine is decreased. If luck is good then gamers will get it directly by opening the crate. Otherwise, they will have to keep opening crates to obtain tokens. By using these tokens, they can redeem the skin to their inventory.

How to grab new Kord gun skin in Free Fire

The new Kord skin is available as part of the Merciless Necromancer (Kord) Weapon Loot Crate. It increases the range and accuracy at the cost of a reduction in the magazine size. Players can purchase the crate from the store by spending 25 diamonds or 100 gold.

Users will obtain one of the following items at random upon opening the weapon loot crate:

  • Kord – Merciless Necromancer
  • 1x Necromancer Kord Token
  • 2x Necromancer Kord Token
  • 3x Necromancer Kord Token
  • 4x Necromancer Kord Token
  • 5x Necromancer Kord Token
  • 10x Necromancer Kord Token
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The drop rate for the rare item, i.e., the skin, is about 2%, whereas the drop rate for common items is 98%. Users can also obtain the skin by exchanging 100x Necromancer Kord Token obtained from the loot crate.

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