Tips to Improve Chances of Winning in Free Fire

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Garena Free Fire is one of the best battle royale games filled with thrill, action, and adventure. This is also one of the most popular games admired and played in India. The game has 100 players fighting against each other to become the last man standing. The game has a time limit and a playable zone that shrinks with every casualty.

As the game progresses, it becomes a hard task to survive at the end zones. This is because the circle keeps on decreasing in size as the battle, as well as casualties, goes on. The battle is so fierce that in the end, only the best fighters manage to survive.

Tricks to improve winning chances in Free Fire

To stay alive till the game ends and give opponents a tough fight, there are a few strategies that gamers can follow. Let’s look at them in brief.


Avoiding gunshots has always been the best way to escape unhurt in any battle royale game. Free fire is no exception at all. Camping can stay you out of the gunfight range. Thus, while the battle is going on, keep yourself in hiding at safe places. While hiding, you can continue to be on the killing spree if manage to gain a sniper rifle.

Don’t move out of the safe zone:

It’s an ideal situation for players to move towards the center of the map to indulge in aggressive battles to increase kill counts. It also helps them to stay safe from the get caught in the safe zone. It’s therefore recommended that you don’t move an inch from the end of the safe zone. This is the place where rare combat situations take place.

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Get a Surfboard:

When everyone is on the killing spree, it’s always a wise decision to move fast to escape the gunshot and get killed. In this life-threatening situation, Surfboard can extend a helping hand. They will help you get out of escalating gunfight situations fast. Moreover, surfboards can also players in navigating the map easily during the gameplay.

Carry Medikits for Quick Healing:

Despite all your efforts to keep yourself safe, you can’t escape a few combat situations with opponents during the gameplay. As the game progresses, your health will lower. In such situations, you can recover using your healing capabilities or with the help of medkits.

Keep Changing your Positions:

The best move to dodge injuries during gunfights is by rotating your positions. This is how you can safely navigate towards the new circle. By employing this strategy you can evade opponents who are specifically searching camping sites to find you.

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