Top 5 Live Streaming Platforms One Must Know

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There is a lot of urgencies seen in the operations of a “Gaming Company” just to kick-start their Live Streaming Platforms. In this age of “Technological Escalation,” youngsters are easily connected to “Gaming World” and are very eager to share their version of experiences over the social media. Some people still might not understand the reason behind it. Well, through it a budding gamer is able to understand vital gaming videos.

Note: Live Streaming is much beneficial and should not be termed as a waste of precious time and resources. The readers will be made aware of it in our other write-ups.

5 Quality Live Streaming Platforms

The gamer should not get puzzled with the Live Streaming platforms available. Instead should make a well-informed decision. All the readers will find this article interesting, as I am going to explain the best platforms for Live Streaming.

So, go through it and Make the addition of knowledge for more results.


Twitch is one of the ideal forms of Live Streaming Game Platforms. It is owned by Twitch Interactive and a subsidiary of Amazon. On it, the gamer is able to conveniently live stream the videos on the platform where millions of spectators are actively looking for good content. Round the clock form of displaying information about relevant things like – total followers, total views and live viewership for your updated videos.

Key Features:

  • Easy set-up is provided along with the flexible user interface.
  • The proper form of re-shuffling of the content from professionals and the lobbyists is being carried out.
  • The guest does not have to pay or deposit any monetary value for it.
  • If the player is having an account, then he or she will be having benefits like – extra chat rooms, specific emotions, and rich functionality.


YouTube is also a good platform because the overall layout of the design is being carried out with a lot of deeply rooted form of hard-work by the engineers. Having said this other designated form of Game Streaming Platforms would be much better. Having said this, YouTube also supports videos in 4K. The resolution level is at 60fps frame rate. Users will definitely find looking for Videos and Streams much easier to manage.

Key Features:

  • People looking for games on YouTube is still in its nascent stage, as other gaming platforms are completely dedicated to the gaming platform.
  • Even the mobile application supports on the iOS and Android platform.
  • The overall layout is pretty clean.
  • Overall Content quality is also high.


The biggest form of competition given by “Mixer” is to “Twitch”. Although the users would say that the platforms have a smaller proportion of users, selecting either of the platforms for streaming video content in connection with – food, Live podcast, Recording, and IRL is a worthwhile experience.

Well, for Live Streaming purposes “Mixer” is one of the best platforms and also do not pose any difficulty while browsing. If one is to mention the popularity level, the entry of almost 100,000 viewers every month does speak a lot about the quality aspect. The user will not have any difficulty in making good use of this platform.

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Key Features:

  • There are more powerful ways for players and viewers to join and celebrate gaming. One can also look for a new set of features that could be used by the gamers for playing with them now.
  • Through the platform, a streamer and viewer is easily connected with each other. One could easily vote in the dialogue and decisions provide assistance or even challenge the streamers. One could also make use of this platform for enhancing the streams with overlays and other relevant information.
  • One could also be a part of the most exciting moments of the game.


On May 2017 the Live Streaming Platforms Azubu and Hitbox.TV were merged and subsequently, the traffic was re-directed towards the new platform. The primary focus was on E-Sports and new features were also part of it. This included – “Hype-o-Meter” (a viewer engagement feature that helps eSports fan cheer for their favorite teams), a feed on every profile page, and integration with Discord.

According to the management, this is undoubtedly the largest independent E-Sports broadcaster outside the geographical boundaries of Asia. It is having more than 10 million users worldwide.

Key Features:

  • Through this platform convenient form of grouping the videos is possible.
  • No charges are applicable for using this platform.
  • All the streams being posted are organized.
  • This platform mainly deals with e-sports activity.


If there is any Live Streaming Platform, that has really shown a promising form of work, then Bigo Live can’t be sidelined. The engineers always make sure that upgrading of the platform is done on a time to time basis. I will definitely recommend this platform because the addition of quality features is done, which later on assists broadcasting of a game is not an uphill task for the viewer. The platform user also finds it cooler, as communicating with the other people on this set-up is communicated without any trouble.

Key Features:

  • The availability of this platform on devices like – Mac, Google Play and Android APK makes the work easier.
  • All popular social media networks are not a distant thing due to this amazing platform.
  • The broadcasting of games is executed in a distinctive manner.


Now, the readers must have gained knowledge about the prominent form of Online Gaming Streaming Platforms. After going through the introductory part and the key features, a clear idea will definitely be established. If there is anyone looking for more information about the subject, then please do communicate with our experts.

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