Top Garena Free Fire Evo Gun Skins Released in 2021

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Top Garena Free Fire Evo Gun

For Free Fire lovers, the Evo guns are the best weapon of mass destruction. Throughout the game, players can upgrade the gun with Evo gun skins using the specific type of tokens.  The developers launched the game back in 2020 as part of the Booyah Day celebrations. Gradually,  the category turned into one of the most popular and highly sought-after items of Free Fire.

Over the years, the game developers have released multiple Evo gun skins. The most recent one is MP40 – Predatory Cobra that has made a comeback.

Best Evo gun skins to Free Fire 2021:

UMP – Booyah Day 2021

This is Free Fire’s latest introduction to the Evo gun skin category. The skin debuted during the Booyah Day 2021 celebration. This is an obvious and perfect choice for the players who are crazy about SMG in Free Fire. Once you acquire the skin, the following changes take place with the UMP – Booyah Day 2021:

  • Damage: “++
  • “Rate of Fire: “+”
  • Reload Speed: “-“

XM8 – Destiny Guardian

You can go for XM8 – Destiny Guardian if you’re looking for stunning skins in the game. The skin was launched in August 2021, and since then its popularity grew manifolds.

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The gun skin was available between 7 August and 5 September. To acquire the skin users had to spend diamonds in Faded Wheel. Users have to spend destiny lightning tokens to enhance the XM8 skin. At peak, these stats get boosted:

  • Damage: “++
  • “Rate of Fire: “+”
  • Reload Speed: “-“

M1014 – Green Flame Draco:

M1014 is another lethal shotgun for quenching your killing frenzy. It can easily kill opponents down and enhance players’ performance.  Shaped as

The gun is shaped like a flying dragon with its wings wide stretched, the skin debuted early this year. You need a Dragon Fang token to enhance this skin. The gun will possess the given attributes:

  • Damage: “+”
  • Rate of Fire: “++”
  • Reload Speed: “-“

MP40 – Predatory Cobra

MP40 – Predatory Cobra was added to the battle royale title during the Project Cobra event by Garena. The event was held in February this year. .

As the player progresses through the level using the special Venomous Fang, the skin turns into the cobra fangs on the front. The attributes that are enhanced with this MP40 gun skin are:

  • Damage: “++”
  • Rate of Fire: “+”
  • Reload Speed: “-“

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