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Mobiles have become an instrumental part of daily life. Android phones have also been on the road to fast pace development. This is simply due to the fact, that Android games are scaling new heights and to match that hardware needs to be in sync.

Now without any delay, I would love to present the most impressive form of Android Games to the readers. The readers will find this article a lot interesting and will also learn a lot about the “Top Mobile Games” one should opt for.

Top- Mobile games of 2019-2020 are listed below:

There is a rage of playing Android Games on the mobile. Over here, we are going to draw the attention of the readers towards most promising or popular versions of the mobile games.


If the critics make a claim that selecting “This War of Mine” as the best mobile game launched in recent years, then it won’t be wrong at all. This game requires you the player to lead a team of civilians in a city which is ravaged by war. The primary objective of the player would be to make sure vital decisions are being taken, that has antagonizing results. On the other hand, safety is the top-most priority. Having said this, the survival of everyone is very important.

There is no fixed rule in starting the game it can be either day or night. As you start moving ahead, then each stage will showcase you something different. After all change and thrill are needed and that makes sure that interest is kept alive in the gamers mind. One can say without a doubt that this game qualifies of creating an intense feeling inside the player’s mind. That a player gets totally involved in the game.


Curious people must know that such a game is a collection of four puzzle games. Pre-launching of this game, the audience had never seen any puzzle game. The franchise of the game has carried out wonderful work in bringing out a fine display in the mobile gaming segment.

The Room comprises of a series of escape puzzle games. In each room, the gamer will encounter mysterious objects and the primary aim is to get to the answer so that exiting of the room is possible. This procedure carries on for some time and in each room, a unique object is placed. This in totality makes the game interesting and exciting. In latest game version, The Room: Old Sins, includes cloud saving, Google Play Games achievements, and even a small exploration element.

Every gamer will definitely see this as an opening for some mindful thought procedure to begin.


The year 2016 marked the arrival of Pokemon Go in the mobile gaming segment. It became a popular version of the game and even called the best “Android Game”. The gamer will definitely enjoy completing missions, battling for Gyms and hit up Pocketstops to accumulate the items that have been consumed.

From time to time basis, the gamer will receive updates in addition to other features too. The recent forms of features include – AR Camera Mode, New version of Pokemon and some additional features too.


This version of the mobile game was released on in the year 2016. In fact, the critics still have the opinion of putting it into the category of good games. It displays an Intergalactic trucker that has crash-landed on an alien planet. As a gamer, the job would be to first establish a base and then figure out the reasons for different things happening over there. One will have to save the world from the nefarious activities taking place.

There are multiple things which act as a bonus for the game to be popular. Like – different items to be collected and later on used for essential activities, managing the inventory department, etc.


The game Monument Valley is making a comeback to the “Gaming Platform” with the arrival of Monument Valley 2. Talking about the performance and other features, then one can’t find any reason that is pulling it back.

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In the adventure department, the gamer comes across different versions of adventures like- Escher-style puzzles where levels are movable to complete the path using illusions. The game franchises have always made sure to enthrall not only the gamers but even the critics.


Next in the line is Escapists 1 and 2, these are a simple form of sandbox game simulations with escape game elements too. In this, the player is caught into prison and needs to get free. The game has stages where the player of the game is required to collect essential items being found on the way. In both the version of the game, the player will get an identical form of simple machines. The overall objective is to be smart, observant to break-free and avoid getting caught by the prison guards.

The player will find the second version of the game to be more challenging. There is no back story, which is normally created for making the game more attractive. Both the games are of premium type, minus the freemium elements or advertisements.


In the list of Android Games, one can say that Evoland 1 & 2 is very unique amongst the other games present. A gamer will be having a great time, as in both the versions there are different types of machines being used. Talking in detail about them would include – puzzles, top-down shooter, RPG, Classic Fighter, Trading Card and Platformer Mechanics. The developers of the game have carried out certain changes, that makes sure gamer’s viewing and playing experience is good. So, there is a presence of a switch that automatically alters the graphics to better suit the game. This form of alteration provides not just a new experience to the gamer but also pulls them towards the exciting game. Having this game will make sure not a single moment of time is spent in a dull manner.


Minecraft is a mobile version game that has got the acceptance of all age group people around the world. It is a version of the game that pitches you in a world, where the gamer mine, builds, bash up the wrong-doers and multiple other things as well.

The Game Maker has also included the Survival Mode into the game. Now, the player will have to mine food and other essential resources that will be of great assistance to the player. In addition to this, the gamer will get from time to time updates in connection to the game, thus providing not just freshness but the opening of possibilities too.

All those people calling this game as of a dampener type, well then pay attention to this, that it is on par with PC and Console counterparts. So, the gamer should not have the idea of being out of the market or lacking in terms of competition.


In the mobile gaming history, no other game apart from PUBG has been able to amass popularity of unimaginable nature. With almost 10 million downloads and roughly a million reviews, the Game Makers are enjoying their work. If one is to talk about the features that are part of this game – Well, then players are in for a treat. As it has effective controls, quality graphics, etc.

In this game, there is an island where multiple numbers of players drop to kill the other one. To make this combat exciting one could find weapons, vehicles, necessary gear, etc. PUBG Mobile Lite is a lighter version of the game with fewer players per match and lower graphical settings. It’s only available for some devices, though. Fortnite is another excellent option if you don’t mind downloading the game directly from Epic Games instead of Google Play.


The reader of this article will be able to decide easily the version of the mobile game that is supposed to be downloaded and later on enjoyed by the gamer. If there is any doubt, then go through other writ-ups written on similar topics.

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