Upgraded Browser out for Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One & Supports Stadia

9 Mar, 2021 Gaming 73 0 Comment
Xbox Stadia

Microsoft is going to upgrade the browser for Xbox Series X/S and Xbox One in the spring of 2021

Xbox Series X/S and Xbox One consoles will get a new upgraded Microsoft Edge Chromium-powered browser that is capable of playing Google Stadia.
Benefits of Xbox Chromium Browser

The Microsoft Edge Chromium-powered browser on Xbox allows it to work with browser-based streaming services like Google Stadia and Amazon Luna.

Once Microsoft upgrades the browser, then this will facilitate Xbox’s cloud gaming through a browser. However, the consoles have native access to Xbox Game Pass.

Features of New Xbox Browser

The new version of Edge can now be accessed by the Xbox’s Alpha Skip-Ahead testers, as per recent leaks. Though it doesn’t have a complete mouse and keyboard support and appears buggy, still it is much better.

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In addition to it, this will also enhance compatibility with other browser-based games. It already enjoys very high compatibility with services like Skype and Discord through the web.

Additional Xbox Features

The early version of the upgraded browser will include the same sync engine used on Edge allowing for vertical tabs, extensions, collections. Also on offer would be several other features available on Edge’s desktop version.

Though Stadia’s internal studios may have shut down by Google, but its streaming service is running. The Stadia is sure to get more than 100 games in 2021, as per news ding rounds in Google.

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