Valorant brings Night Market back for Affordable Weapon Purchases

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Valorant Night Market

Valorant’s Night Market is back to offer affordable skin purchase options to players compared to purchases made in the Item Shop

Riot Games has introduced Night Market 2.0 for Valorant players, to purchase skins at a discounted rate compared to Item shops. Initially launched in December last year, the Night Market had found significant takers among the Valorant community last time around.

Night Market dynamics for Valorant

Players have often noted that buying single or collective skins from the Item shop can cause a big dent in pockets. To ease out this glitch to an extent, Riot Games introduced the Night Market.

Discounts will not be available on an entire bundle, but on individual skins from a bundle. Players stand to get Prime, Deluxe or other grade weapons at a slightly lower price compared to their Item shop listings.

Gamers will get access to six weapon skin cards, which need to be flipped to reveal the details. Once a player flips his cards, he will not be allotted more than two skins of the same weapon.

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Reason for weapon limit

This measure has been put in place to ensure that any player does not load up his arsenal with large numbers of a single weapon. This might put others at a disadvantage.

However, the option to choose six weapons ensures players have a good mix of in-demand weapons, which otherwise would come at a premium in the Item store.

To refresh their weapon skin cards, players need to purchase the weapons already available in the arsenal. With the Night Market having started on 10th of this month, players have time till 23rd February to redeem all of the six offers.

Issues in previous Valorant Night Market

The last version of the Night Market did not quite meet up with player expectations. The purchase mechanism did not result in a win-win situation for gamers over an Item shop purchase.

There were over 130 weapon skins in Night Market’s last iteration but the odds of getting a good one from a pool of six were not high. This was the main complaint from fans who wanted specific skins during their matches.

With this latest announcement however, Valorant players stand a good chance to grab a good deal and buy weapons as per their game-specific requirements.

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