Valorant League 2020 launched by Skyesports in India

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Indian esports organization Skyesports recently launched the Valorant League 2020, a city-based Valorant esports competition for India featuring a prize pool of Rs one million. The Valorant League 2020 is the largest Valorant tournament being organized in South Asia till date in terms of the prize money being offered. This league is being sponsored by Western Digital Black and AMD Ryzen 5000, and is an officially one-off licensed Valorant event sanctioned by Riot Games.

The competition, which officially kicked off on the 4th of this month, features eight teams from the cities of Hyderabad, Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai, Kolkata, Punjab, Rajasthan, and Bangalore. These teams have been created based on the cities they hail from, and a number of big-ticket content creators and professional players are taking part in the competition.

These eight teams will be involved in multiple face-offs until only four teams remain, who will then advance to the semi-finals. There onward, the last two teams standing will square off in a grand finale. The competitions are currently being broadcast on YouTube and Facebook Gaming in multiple languages including Tamil, Hindi, Telugu, Bengali, Malayalam, and English.

The competition’s format is similar to what Riot Games followed during its early days after Valorant’s release, which are one-off competitions run by third-party tournament organizers and esports organizations, as it was still calculating what an esport that revolved around the 5v5 character-based tactical shooter might look like.

Given the massive support and participation currently being witnessed by this league, it has been learnt that Skyesports plans to make this format into a franchise-based premier league in India for the first time and this will be a major step forward for esports in India.

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