Valorant Patch Note 2.06 Update buffs Agents Viper and Yoru

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Valorant Viper Yoru

Patch notes 2.06 update for Valorant have arrived and it brings several changes to Agents Yoru and Viper, making them more desirable Controllers in the roster

The Valorant 2.06 patch note updates are finally upon us and it seems Riot Games has addressed gamer concerns well. Valorant agents Viper and Yoru have received multiple buffs, in a bid to make them more attractive to gamers.

Introduced amidst much fan-fare and expectations, both these agents failed to live up to their initial claims. Players have, till date, refrained from utilizing these Agents to their maximum capacity, owing to several feature restrictions.

Valorant buffs Yoru in Patch Notes 2.06

Agent Yoru was endowed with unique pace and in playstyle, to get fans all excited. However, gamers experienced a few restrictions, which made the Agent difficult to access this Japanese Dualist.

With the new 2.06 patch note update, Valorant believes that he should still be a strong contender for good compositions. Riot wants to ensure the value he offers to his team is more consistent throughout a match.

To ensure this, Yoru gets the following updates:

Yoru’s Blindside (Q)

  • Flash activation time decreased 0.8 to 0.6 seconds
  • Flash duration increased from 1.1 to 1.5

Dimensional Drift (X) for Yoru

  • Ult Points reduced from 7 to 6
  • Yoru can now reactivate Gatecrash while in Dimensional Drift

Gatecrash (E)

  • Gamers can no longer refresh Gatecrash on kills. It will self-replenish every 35 seconds
  • Lifetime of the Gatecrash fragment increased from 20 seconds to 30 seconds
  • The range at which the Gatecrash fragment is revealed from stealth decreased from 7m to 4m
  • Visuals for visibility range added to the moving fragment

Viper buffed in patch 2.03 notes

Riot said that it analyzed a lot of possibilities for Viper in patch 2.06. The final updates are intended to provide the Agent with her own unique play pattern, without compromising her core credentials.

Compared to other Controllers, Viper will now make “big, committed decisions that truly alter the map and how both sides plan around her influence”.

With the update rejuvenating her Toxin, Viper will pose a bigger threat to enemies, while adding a significant bite to her marque Toxic Screen.

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Riot has now paired the agent with a few additional buffs and some new tools for learning and practicing lineups. These changes should have Viper deliver on the deadly impact she initially promised, while solidifying her spot in Valorant’s roster.

Viper’s updates are as follows:

Toxin (passive)

  • The update instantly inflicts enemies crossing through Viper’s Poison Cloud, Toxic Screen, or Viper’s Pit with at least 50 decay. Their decay level increases the longer they remain in contact with toxin.
  • While in cloud, Decay over time decreased from 15 to 10
  • When out of Viper’s cloud, delay before health regen decreased from 2.5 to 1.5

Viper’s Poison Cloud (Q)

  • Gamers can now immediately redeploy Poison Cloud when picked up, but grants a temporary charge instead of a permanent charge
  • If active when Viper dies, Poison Cloud now remains up for an additional 2 seconds, or until Viper runs out of fuel.
  • Pickup distance increased from 200 to 400

Toxic Screen (E)

  • If active when Viper dies, Toxic Screen now remains up for an additional 2 seconds before deactivating
  • Full blind distance from the wall increased to better match the blind distance from the edge of smokes

Snakebite (C)

Equip time decreased from 1.1 to 0.8

Practice Tools for Viper

In custom games with cheats and infinite abilities enabled, Viper can hold down “activate” on Poison Cloud and Toxic Screen to recall them. Here, players will be able to see Poison Cloud’s landing location on the mini-map while equipped.

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