Valorant patch update 2.01 gets modified Competitive mode, new skin bundles

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Valorant patch update 2.01

Valorant’s latest patch update 2.01 is set to get two new skin bundles, better bug fixes and a revamped competitive mode

Valorant has announced a new patch update 2.01, which will feature a better competitive experience for the Radiants and might release two new skin bundles as well.

This patch update focuses on the modification of Split and some bug fixes. To go along with these, another additional feature will be added to the patch along with its release.

Valorant Horizon & Prism 2 skin bundles

The upgrade will include a modified Competitive mode for easier queue ups and match finding for Radiants. Top tier players of the game, including professionals, have complained in the past about the erratic matchmaking system of the game post the Episode 2 update.

Riot had earlier implemented their Hidden MMR system and leaderboard for the top players of the game. This created confusion and the highest-ranked players of Valorant were disappointed.

Players like C9 Tenz had opened up about how his primary account could not find a single match in four hours. This compelled Valorant developers to devise a solution and address the issue.

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Valorant’s new patch notes this time are the skin bundles. Valorant will feature two more skin bundles to start the year with. The latest bundle, Run-it-Back, featured old classic skins compiled into one. However, these bundles are brand new and look nothing like before.

Horizon Skin Bundle

This particular skin is poised to give a divine feel to a player. Judging by the appearance, the skin bundle might feature a moving animation similar to Nebula or Winter Wunderland. Five weapons will feature in this bundle:

  • Vandal
  • Bucky
  • Frenzy
  • Bulldog
  • Spectre

Prism II

The Prism Collection was an early skin bundle in Valorant, released in May 2020. Despite the bundle being expensive, as reported by numerous players, it was preferred by many. As a result, the cosmetics team has arrived with the second edition of Prism, known as Prism II.

The previous bundle had an indigo tinge. However, this time, the skins have a pink tone. It looks sleek and clean, and will be preferred by those who choose a skin based on the aesthetics they give out. None of the previous weapons in the first Prism bundle will repeat in its sequel.

Prism II weapons include:

  • Shorty
  • Bucky
  • Vandal
  • Stinger
  • Sheriff

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