Valorant’s Patch 2.05 Updates get Bug Fixes, better AFK Detection

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Valorant Patch 2.05 Update

The latest patch 2.05 update addresses numerous bug issues in Valorant, along with an aim to check AFK and ensure player integrity

Riot Games has introduced patch 2.05 updates for Valorant and this time it’s all about enhanced AFK detection and multiple bug fixes. The aim is to ensure best behavior among players and check chat-based offenses as well.

Patch 2.05 Updates in Valorant

For long, gamers have complained about the lack of ethics and code of conduct among fellow players. Riot Games has always been at the forefront when it comes to customer grievance redressal.

Hence, the developer has called on its Social and Player Dynamics team to better detect AFK and chat-specific offences. Riot plans to impose severe penalties on players found violating the acceptable standards.

This means players who are regularly pulled up for misconduct and objectionable behavior will be banned from participating in text or voice chat.

Notorious players will also find it difficult to queue during ranked matches. The developer will re-permit them only when they take corrective actions.

Agent updates in Patch 2.05

Agent Sova has received unique keybinds to the option menu for flying up and down when using Owl Drone.

The recent added Operator agent Astra has also received updates. The developer has added unique keybinds to the option menu for gamers flying up and down in Astral Form.

Bug fixes in latest update

This has been a key area of concern for Valorant developers. Recently, agent Astra was getting stuck in her astral mode and players had quit a tough time making progress.

There have been multiple such bugs plaguing the game and Valorant seems to have taken cognizance of these.

The bugs fixes carried out are:

  • Fixed a bug where Ranked game icons were misaligned in Match History
  • Astra now starts Spike Rush games with all 5 star charges
  • Killjoy can’t place Lockdown off the ground by jumping and placing it on cosmetic pieces of geo on the walls anymore
  • Fixed issue where Cypher’s Spycam dart could sometimes hit players that were on the other side of a wall
  • Addressed Killjoy not getting charges from her Alarmbot and Turret back if they are recalled after she is resurrected
  • Fixed dead enemies being counted as flashed enemies in the combat report
  • Fixed Astra’s “Out of charges” VO not playing for her abilities while in Astral Form
  • Rectified the deafening effect on nearsights not playing if Astra is in the game
  • Rectified Cypher’s Spycam targeting going through Sage’s wall
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Additional Bug fixes

  • Fixed Astra having trouble placing Stars on the defender side boxes of Icebox mid from the A site
  • Sova Drone and Astra ascend/descend binds now properly respect changed jump/crouch keybinds
  • The defuse range circle indicator that shows after planting the Spike again displays properly.
  • Fixed a rare bug that could leave players unable to move or process inputs until they died when entering or returning from Astra’s astral form, Sova’s drone, Skye’s scout or Cypher’s Spy Camera.
  • Riot had previously addressed some causes of this bug last patch; this fix should address the remaining known causes.
  • Fixed an issue where the Stinger’s stock would appear detached on the ground
  • Improved readability of player names in Observer
  • Fixed an issue where Skye’s seekers did not visibly move on Brimstone’s tactical map
  • Corrected an issue where scoreboard colour doesn’t appropriately swap at side swap for Observers
  • Fixed a bug that would cause the “Network Problem” icon to appear when no network issues were present

New patch gets Social Updates

  • Improved AFK Detection
  • Updated Penalties for AFK offenses
  • This includes warnings, queue restrictions, XP denial, Competitive queue bans and game bans
  • Updated Penalties for chat-based offenses
  • This includes warnings, chat restrictions, competitive queue restrictions and game bans
  • Reminder that zero tolerance offenses will result in game bans automatically

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