Valve enhances Dota 2's New Player Experience module

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Dota 2 New Player Experience

Dota 2 will witness a new player experience overhaul to make the game more intuitive for fresh gamers and for existing fans of the title

Valve is launching a massive update to the Dota 2 new player experience with the goal of providing a comprehensive way to learn the game to new players. The key reason for this might be the launch of DOTA: Dragon’s Blood anime series on Netflix this week.

The developer expects the game to garner many new fans after the anime series hits the floor. To ace the situation, Valve has tried to create “a system of steady engagement”. Through this addition, Valve aims to provide systematic learning opportunities to potential Dota 2 gamers.

New Player Experience in Dota 2

Dota 2 will henceforth get a streamlined version of the shop that limits the complexity of choices presented. This also helps avoid information overload for new and returning players. It will also display a guided experience on exactly what gamers can build.

The more a player builds, the more options he can unlock. The guide will help them go step-by-step in learning the ropes. Once players feel comfortable, they can opt to use the normal shop.

The game will also see the addition of new player objectives to help push players to try a variety of in-game options. This will enable gamers to complete tasks in the new quest-like system.

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New Dota 2 players get rewards

Players will get to explore multiple aspects of the game in a controlled and scripted environment. Valve has added four tiers of progression through tutorial-like settings for specific elements of the game and client.

Further aiding this will be new player rewards for that progression system. The developer has updated the Glossary mode. This will make browsing easy for players through any mechanics and details they are interested in.

Based on the old Limited Mode, Valve is also pushing a new mode dedicated to new players. It will offer a small and stable hero pool that will let players learn the basics with a reliable set of recurring elements. It will also let players dip out of matches at any time without an extended penalty.

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